Music Recording Software

Avid Pro Tools 2018 Music Production Software with 1 year of upgrades

From  $599.00$599.00
12 Payments of $49.92
This full boxed version of Pro Tools 2018 (perpetual license) includes a 1-year Annual Upgrade Plan, providing access to all new Pro Tools releases, renewable annually for $99/year. You’ll also receive  ...
Ableton Live Suite 10 Recording Performance Software

From  $799.00$799.00
12 Payments of $66.59
Expansive sounds, incredible instruments and streamlined workflow come together in Ableton’s flagship Live Suite 10 software! Over 5,000 sounds, 10 instruments, over 70 GB of loops and samples and 57 effects  ...
Propellerhead Reason 10 Music Production Software

From  $399.00$399.00
8 Payments of $49.88
Reason is hands-on music production and recording for musicians. It comes with all the instruments and effects you need to make music. Plus a huge supply of synth sounds, loops and sampled instruments. Expand your  ...
iZotope Ozone 8 Advanced Mastering Software Suite

From  $499.00$499.00
8 Payments of $62.38
The Future of Mastering As the industry’s most comprehensive mastering suite, Ozone 8 adds to its legacy by introducing new intelligent signal processing, spectral shaping, Tonal Balance Control, and more.  ...
Steinberg Wavelab Pro 9.5 Mastering Software

From  $579.99$579.99
8 Payments of $72.50
WaveLab has been the go-to mastering and audio editing platform for mastering engineers, producers, sound designers, musicians and audio schools alike. With a massive leap in audio quality by introducing first-  ...
PG Music Band In A Box 2018 Pro Software for Windows

From  $99.00$99.00
3 Payments of $33.00
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For 30 years, musicians and Band-in-a-Box have been creating great music! There are over 50 exciting new features in Band-in-a-Box 2018! Perfect for musicians, songwriters, and educators –  ...
Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 Software Synthesizer

From  $479.00$479.00
8 Payments of $59.88
Omnisphere 2 is the flagship synthesizer of Spectrasonics - an instrument of extraordinary power and versatility. This award-winning plugin brings many different types of synthesis together into one  ...
Native Instruments Komplete 11 Ultimate Software Suite

From  $1,199.00$1,199.00
12 Payments of $99.92
Experience the pinnacle with KOMPLETE 11 ULTIMATE which is the supreme music production suite. With 87 products, over 18,000 sounds, and over 500 GB of instruments and effects, this is the ultimate resource for  ...
Spectrasonics Keyscape Keyboard Instrument Plugin

From  $379.00$379.00
8 Payments of $47.38
Ten years in the making, KEYSCAPE is an extraordinary new virtual instrument featuring the largest selection of collector keyboards in the world. From holy grail pianos to stunning keyboards you didn’t even  ...
iZotope Music Production Suite

iZotope Music Production Suite


5 out of 5 stars

From  $999.00$999.00
12 Payments of $83.25
Incredible sounds that will take any studio or live setup to the next level! Music Production Suite combines six of the most powerful music production tools in iZotope’s portfolio—Ozone 8 Advanced,  ...
Universal Audio UAD 2 Octo Core PCIe DSP Accelerator Card

From  $999.00$999.00
12 Payments of $83.25
The UAD-2 OCTO Core DSP Accelerator is Universal Audio’s most powerful PCIe processing card, giving producers and engineers massive power for running award-winning UAD plug-ins on Mac or PC. In creating UAD  ...
iZotope Neutron 2 Mixing Plugin

From  $249.00$249.00
5 Payments of $49.80
The new Tonal Balance Control plug-in introduces industry-first visual analysis and communicates with all instances of Neutron so you can shape a perfectly balanced mix. Instantly call up any Neutron EQ and adjust  ...
EarMaster Pro 7 Ear Training Software

From  $49.95$49.95
3 Payments of $16.65
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To become a better musician, you the right skills. EarMaster is software that provides ear-training, sight singing and rhythm training. EarMaster is the #1 music theory trainer for all musicians who want to get  ...
eMedia Music Theory Tutor Volume 1

From  $49.99$49.99
3 Payments of $16.67
No credit check

Learning music theory has become fun and easy! In Music Theory Tutor Volume 1, you’ll learn about the building blocks of music and begin to hear musical keys, scales, intervals, chords, and rhythms in your  ...
eMedia Music Theory Tutor Volume 2

From  $49.99$49.99
3 Payments of $16.67
No credit check

Thorough, interactive and easy to use! Understanding music theory helps you to compose better, improvise easier, and learn music by ear more effectively. eMedia Music Theory Tutor Volume 2 Features  ...
PreSonus Notion 6 Notation Software Box With Download Key

From  $149.95$149.95
3 Payments of $49.99
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Blazingly fast and intuitive, Notion 6 brings your musical inspirations to life and enhances your creativity. PreSonus Notion 6 Notation Software Features Easily compose, play back, and edit  ...
MagicScore Guitar Notation Software

From  $29.95$29.95
Offering a complete set of music writing and practice tools, MagicScore Guitar provides guitarists an easy and simple solution for publishing their creative ideas. Write songs as you create and edit guitar  ...
MagicScore Maestro Notation Software

From  $59.99$59.99
3 Payments of $20.00
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Easy and versatile, MagicScore Maestro is a powerful score creation tool that lets you audition your music and then publish it. MagicScore Maestro is the fastest way to transform your musical ideas into final  ...