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Product Description

The Eminence Patriot Series Red White and Blues Guitar Speaker gives you a nice tight low-end, smooth midrange and top end sparkle. This 120 watt, 8 ohm speaker is the American cousin to the Eminence The Governor.

Pick Your Sound
Electric guitars, guitar amplification, and the birth of Rock-n-Roll in the 1950’s collectively established a new use for loudspeakers. Speaker choices were limited in those days and amplifier manufacturers had to purchase products that were common to other applications. Usually, this meant a low-power speaker, often with an Alnico magnet, and limited cone and coil travel. Due to the nature of the speaker’s construction, the sound of the guitar and amplifier combination was impacted by the speaker design. Amplified guitar was a bit more aggressive duty than most other speaker applications at the time and the speakers were frequently challenged in terms of their mechanical movement and linearity. Guitarist learned how to control these non-linearities and use the resulting tonal characteristics to their advantage. Speaker break-up became cool and was a desired feature by most guitarists. The great guitar tones we know now are a result of those events. Although there are a multitude of distinctive guitar speaker tones available today, they can be broken down into two main categories. We have Marshall and Celestion to thank for the distinctively “British tones” that we are so familiar with. Fender, Peavey, and SLM (Crate/Ampeg) worked with speaker companies like Eminence, Oxford, CTS, JBL, and Electrovoice to establish tones that are distinctively “American”. Eminence is proud to present the Patriot and Redcoat series of guitar speakers. Incorporating both British and American cone technology into speakers that we manufacture in the USA gives us the ability to provide you with virtually any tone you desire. Be it British or American, clean or dirty, big bass or screaming highs, we have a speaker that will allow you to “Pick Your Sound”. The Value of Eminence Eminence wants to make sure their customers know exactly what they are getting when they buy a speaker. Therefore, Eminence provides two different ratings to describe the power handling of all their speakers.

    Watts - the guaranteed long term power rating throughout the useable frequency range of the speaker. Translation: the speaker will operate continuously at any frequency within the speakers’ specified frequency range when driven at this power. The Watts rating is similar to RMS, but is really more indicative of long term thermal capability. Music Program - the speaker will safely and reliably handle the varying frequencies of musical content at this power rating.


The Music Program rating is more indicative of what you can expect in the real world with the speaker operating within the appropriate enclosure reproducing music or vocal audio program.


    Eminence is committed to quality and guarantees all of its speakers for 7 years. They build all of their speakers to greatly exceed customer performance expectations. Dollar for dollar against competitors, an Eminence speaker is well worth the money that you invest!
    About Eminence
    In 1966, Bob Gault founded what was to become the world's largest loudspeaker manufacturing company after working as an engineer for Magnavox and CTS (Chicago Telephone Supply). Ironically, Gault started Eminence hoping to maintain three 18" speakers per day, based on a commitment from Ampeg's Everett Hull. Under the leadership of Gault and most recently his son, Rob, the company's capacity has grown to over 10,000 speakers per day, employing nearly 200 people. Gault was the president of Eminence from the company's inception until 1992. He officially retired in 1993, but continued to make valuable contributions to the company. Gault passed away on Octoboer 4, 2002. he was a husband, father, and grandfather. Gault was also an avid golfer. He is greatly missed by his family, the music industry, and the Eminence community. Eminence, Kentucky (population 3000) is centrally located in the heart of Kentucky, between Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky and Cincinnati, Ohio. Bob Gault chose this location as it was ideally situated for shipping products all over the USA. The Eminence and Henry County community could also provide the labor needed to manufacture products on a large scale. After forty years, Eminence, Kentucky continues to provide ideal conditions for the manufacturing and distribution of the World's #1 Loudspeakers. The Eminence Factory
    The first Eminence facility, located in downtown Eminence, employed around thirty people. The building was less than 6,000 sq. ft. and production was often less in one week than it is in one hour at our present facility. In 1972 Eminence Speaker moved to a new location in Shawnee Industrial Park on Mulberry Pike where we remain today. The facility has seen several additions. The first building in this location was just less than 30,000 sq. ft., but now has grown to include nearly 100,000 sq. ft. all under one roof.
    How a Speaker Works
    The key working components of a loudspeaker are shown in the diagram below. When an electrical current passes through a wire coil (the voice coil) in a magnetic field, it produces a force which varies with the current applied. The cone, connected to the voice coil, moves in and out, creating waves of high and low air pressure. The coil and magnet assembly are the 'motor structure' of the loudspeaker. The movement is controlled by the loudspeaker's suspension which comprises the cone surround and the 'spider'. The surround and spider allow the coil to move freely along the axis of the magnet's core (or 'pole') without touching the sides of the magnetic gap. Eminence technology and proprietary materials mean that age-old 'compromises' of durability against sensitivity, or power handling against precision of response, are more easily solved than you might imagine. Eminence


    Heatsinks: In the quest for higher power density (more power and hence more sound from less space), Eminence has progressively introduced heatsink components to selected transducers e.g. cast frame neodymium products and Kilomax. The heatsinks pass through the pole of the transducer or are incorporated into the chassis of the loudspeaker to transfer heat away from the coil. The air currents caused by the cone movement cool the heatsink.

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    Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
    Phone:  502-845-5622 Warranty:  Warranty: 7 years

    Product Specifications

    Product Specifications


    • Impedance: 8 ohms 
    • Power Rating**:
      • Program Music:
      • Watts: 120W
    • Voice Coil Diameter: 1.75 inches, 44.5mm
    • Coil Material: Copper
    • Flat/Round Coil Wire: Round
    • Coil Former Material: Kapton
    • Basket Type: Stamped
    • Cone Surround Material: Paper
    • Dust Cap Material: Zurette
    • Magnet Weight: 38oz.
    • Usable Bandwidth (Fs to -3dB): 70Hz - 4.5kHz
    • SPL*: 101dB

      * Published sensitivity is an average of multiple points representing the measured output of the device (1W-1m) across the usable frequency range from 200Hz-5kHz.

      ** EIA 426A noise source and test standard. Eminence voice coil technology often results in guitar speakers that dramatically exceed the power rating of other manufacturer's products. Such ratings are not meant to imply the Eminence woofers are not equally suitable for lower-power "Class A" valve amplifiers as they are for high gain valve and transistor amplification.

    Mounting Information

    • Nominal Basket Diameter: 12.02 inches, 305.2mm
    • Baffle Hole Diameter: 10.97 inches, 278.6mm
    • Mounting Holes Diameter: 0.25 inches, 6.4mm
    • Mounting Holes B.C.D.: 11.63 inches, 295.3mm
    • Depth: 5.1 inches, 129.5mm
    • Shipping Weight: 10 lbs., 4.54 kg.

    Customer Reviews

    Review: Mark Roberts Submitted: 4/28/2018

    Product Rating4 out of 5 stars.



    A nice price for a sweet sound.
    Product Rating

    Product Review

    I've been using Eminence spkrs for 35+ yrs and never had a bad one. The Patriot and Legend series are my favs.

    Review: frank thrower Submitted: 4/12/2018

    Product Rating4 out of 5 stars.



    get just the right tone with my marshal amp

    Product Review

    Great price for such a good speaker
    AMS Responds:

    Review: RJ Submitted: 10/24/2014

    Product Rating5 out of 5 stars.



    Great Sound

    Product Review

    I just got my speaker today.I put it in a Peavey Bandit transtube amp it made a huge difference.I was going to buy another amp but then put the Eminence Red White and Blues speaker in it and it came alive.The difference was night and day between the RWB and the stock blue marvel speaker it is a good all around speaker.Smooth Creamy rich sound.Thanks Ams for getting it here quickly.always a pleasure to deal with them.

    Review: GuitarSmitty from NYC area Submitted: 10/7/2008

    Product Rating4 out of 5 stars.


    Great upgrade for my Fender Blues Jr.

    Absolutely high quality -- I expect it to last.


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