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Ernie Ball Paradigm 7-String Electric Guitar Strings
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Good Strings

By: Samuel Lauzon,      Submitted: 10/4/2018

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Product Rating Product Review This product gets a 4 due to how quick they seemed to fade. I bought the Ibanez FRIX7 and purchased 3 packs of these to try them out. At first I thought they were amazing, then after about a week I was kind of hearing less tone and it sort of kept declining from there. FYI I have extremely acidic fingers so it’s no surprise that I had this issue. It definitely last 2-3 times longer than a D Adarios so the tech does work. That said, I ended up buying heavy Elixers and using the low string from the packs of EBalls. Sounds awesome and works the way I need. Hope this helps! SamP