Item Reviews for: Hartke Hydrive HD Bass Cabinet 1x12in 300 Watts Dual Impedance  -  HAR HD112 LIST

Price and Weight
By: JD Brown      Submitted: 6/5/2019

Product Rating

Product Rating Product Review I searched for a couple of years to find a bass cabinet to give me the tone that I desired which was punchy but still has some serious low end and I found it with the Hartke Hydrive HD112. I didn’t like this company a few years backs because my opinion was bias based on the use of a combo amp. This is completely different. I’m currently running two Hydrive HD112 cabs 300 watts, with a GK MB 500 amp and I love it. I was sick of the back breaking cabinets that were difficult to carry around. This stuff is pretty darn good. I was able to buy two cabs compared to the price of an Aguilar or Mesa Boogie cab. I just feel it’s worth it. I needed the cabs delivered quick and I didn’t have $800 bucks to spend right away so the 3 payment option came with 2 day shipping and I definitely got it in two days. I’m a really big customer service guy and simply put, i like when things are as advertised. So this is only my 2nd purchase from AMS and both the product and the services were as described, and that’s exactly what we as consumers should expect when we spending our money!
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Very Impressed!
By: Zane Owens      Submitted: 3/10/2018
Product Rating

Product Review So far I am very happy with the HD112. I played through this cabinet (paired with my Warwick LWA500 head) for 5 nights last week and I am very impressed at the tones that I can dial in with this setup. I will soon be ordering a second cabinet for a 2X12 rig when needed.
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