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This is awesome
By: Steve      Submitted: 7/27/2019

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Product Rating Product Review I like moving around without worrying about a guitar cord, it is so Awsome
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Glad I chose this one!
By: Robert Meeks      Submitted: 1/13/2016
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Product Review After much research and comparison online reding specs and reveiws, I decided I had to try this one especially since it was the first one I really considered anyway, good hunch!
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By: Anthony from North Dartmouth, MA, USA      Submitted: 1/18/2013

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The G55 is built like a tank with its metal transmitter and receiver. The automatic syncing of the transmitter and receiver is really great. The cable emulation setting is another great feature. I love the power button too. Also, the rugged construction of all parts of the system is great. I love this system ! Very easy to use. Just plug and play. Tone is almost exactly the same as playing a guitar directly into the amp with a cable. Only differences are that the G55 adds a little bit of brightness and highs, and the sustain and feedback behavior is a little different. However, the tone of the G55 is really great and you can use the "cable emulation" button to make the sound closer to going direct with a cable. I'm not sure digital can get any better than what Line 6 has done. Your general opinion of this product. Awesome product! Only with a side-by-side comparison with a guitar cable and analog wireless system was I able to hear the differences between an analog and digital wireless system. Still, I definitely recommend this product. It was a toss up between this one and a Shure analog system at about the same price.
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