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Cut the cord and experience true performance mobility with wireless microphone systems from American Musical Supply! With handheld, headset, and lapel systems for vocalists, plug-in systems for guitarists, and clip-on systems for woodwind, brass, and string players, there's wireless for every type of performer! These systems are easy to transport, set up, and use - so get moving around the stage, add choreography and acrobatics, and enjoy the freedom to truly move as the music moves you!
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Meet the VocoPro UHF8800 8 Channel UHF Wireless Microphone System . Building on VocoPro's proven UHF5800 series, the UHF 8800 doubles that microphone capability with an astonishing 8 wireless microphone   ...
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Featuring digital wireless technology, the Xvive U2 Wireless Guitar System delivers a full 20Hz-20 kHz frequency response without any signal dropout. Simple to use and a long battery life, the Xvive U2 will become   ...
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The BLX Wireless Combo System from Shure joins world-class design and construction with simple and easy setup and operation, featuring dual wireless channels, QuickScan frequency selection and both the PGA31   ...
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The easy-to-use Stealth Wireless system from Alto Professional replaces hundreds of feet of audio cable with a reliable wireless connection. Compatible with all active loudspeakers, as well as traditional passive   ...
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