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    Great Product but for the price should be more durable...
    By: Glen Barnhardt      Submitted: 4/20/2015

    Product Rating

    Product Rating What is your opinion of this product? I have the line 6 G90 rack mount wireless and I use it with my Bass Rig. As most people know getting that great Bass sound on a wireless is hard. I have to say that Line 6 has done a great job. My wireless sound is as good or better than when I use a cable. Now for the transmitter pack. this is a replacement for my first purchase and the battery door fell apart on the first unit. I replaced just the door and it worked good for a while until recently when the transmitter went nuts and just sends out squalling noises. I think for a unit that costs this much it should last a bit longer than mine did. Because of the quality in sound, distance away from my rig I can travel. I would purchase again even though the transmitter quality was lacking. The newer units do seem more stout.
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