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    One of rode's better mics
    By: Marty      Submitted: 8/26/2017

    Product Rating

    Product Rating What is your opinion of this product? I've had this mic for a long time, soon after it came out I grabbed one. It has held up great over the years, it's been used primarily as a vocal mic. It can be a bit spitty in the top end, enough to force you to use a de-esser in the mix. But on certain voices (mostly male) it shines. It has a lot of mid range detail, which makes it so good for voices, and can capture the chest resonance of even a thin voice well. I recently did a shoot out between an AKG 414, Neumann TLM 103, and the Rode NTK and the K2. In my opinion, the 414 won hands down, the K2 came in second, and the NTK and the 103 are almost a tie for last place. The NTK and 103 actually sound very similar, but the 103 has more hype in the high mids which made it sound unnatural and harsh compared to the NTK. The NTK is a good mic, but I think the K2 would be a better value as it has variable patterns and is not as hyped in the high end. Still, I wouldn't knock the NTK out of my locker.
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