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Producers, Engineers, and Artists need monitors they can put their faith in, monitors that deliver a true interpretation of their mix: this is what made KRK a trusted industry standard for studio-reference monitoring. Understanding what is needed to create the right mix that translates without any compromise on other playback systems raised KRK to No.1 in its class. The key is their well-balanced, spectral response combined with tight-bass, clear-midrange, and pristine top-end. Studio Monitoring is about design, engineering, and performance - a foundation of the entire product range. Whether you are looking for near- or midfield monitors, professional subwoofers, or studio headphones, KRK does it with perfection; and trusted by multi-Platinum, Grammy Award winning producers. KRK - behind great music!
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KRK's ROKIT 10-3 G3 (Generation 3) powered studio monitor offers professional performance and accuracy for recording, mixing, mastering and playback. The system consists of a 1-inch soft dome tweeter, a 4-inch   ...
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Custom-voiced, the KRK 10S2 powered studio subwoofer features a glass-aramid woofer which delivers a tight, defined bass, while the Class-D powered Amplifier dramatically increases transient response, control and   ...
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Whether you are listening to some tracks, or tracking your next recording, the KNS6400 gives you the famous KRK sound independent of your monitors. KRK Headphones provide a precise listening experience that takes   ...
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