Levy's Guitar Straps

Danica and Harvey Levy and their team of designers have been supplying guitarists with the finest, most innovative and fashionable guitar straps since 1973. Regardless of the style of music you like to play, or the type of guitar you choose to play it on, Levy's has a strap for you. Whether you choose leather, cotton, rayon, hemp, or polyester; every strap Levy's makes is designed to provide maximum comfort and unparalleled durability: Your Strap. Levy's buyers and designers attend fashion shows around the world: Toronto, New York, Las Vegas, Bologna and Hong Kong, looking for equipment and technological advances, and providing their craftsmen with the most modern tools to enhance their already considerable skills. Levy's stays up to date by mining these shows with a keen eye on fashion trends. Whatever your taste, Levy's has a strap to complement Your Style. Your Strap - Your Style