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When it comes to achieving excellent sound in a live forum, there's a lot more to it than just pluggin' it in and crankin' it up. Advanced Signal Processors employ sophisticated electronics to deliver the best sound possible; from any equipment, in every venue. Despite their hi-tech circuitry, most Signal Processors can be easily controlled and mastered by any user. American Musical Supply has everything you need to make your live sound a source of pride.
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With the EQP-WA tube equalizer, Warm Audio has carefully re-created the most renowned equalizer in studio history at an unheard of price. This fully discrete Tube EQ can pull euphoric sonics from any track and   ...
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The secret to making speakers sound great lies with DBX 234S Stereo 2/3 Way Mono 4-Way Crossover . With the DBX 234S Crossover you'll get great performance, ultra low noise, rugged reliability and four decades of   ...
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With its powerful DSP module, the AFS2 provides all the processing and control necessary for both installation and live use. The AFS2 Advanced Feedback Suppression processor has been completely re-designed to take   ...
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Give your music the additional dimension you've been looking for with the Behringer SU9920 Sonic Ultramizer ! This Behringer Sonic processor is the ultimate sound improvement tool for home recording studios, DJ   ...
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The RNDI delivers a powerful and vibrant direct sound capable of reproducing the full harmonic depth of basses, guitars, acoustic instruments, and professional line level sources. The RNDI’s signature sound   ...
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The Radial Pro D2 is a pro-quality compact stereo passive DI. Following in the footsteps of the JDI Duplex, the Radial Pro D2 is a high-quality compact passive 2-channel stereo direct box designed for keyboards,   ...
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To get the most from your PA, and to have complete control from your mobile device the dbx DriveRack PA2 is a must have. Providing all the processing power you’ll need between your amplifier and mixer to   ...
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