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For more than 25 years, Mackie has dedicated itself to empowering musicians and engineers through technology. Mackie's history is full of groundbreaking gear that has enabled the working musician to create and perform, delivering professional results at affordable prices. From our creation of the CR-1604, the first compact mixer, to our best-selling portable loudspeakers like the SRM450, Mackie gear is everywhere. Now, with products like the DL32R Digital Mixer and its companion Master Fader iPad app, Mackie is leading through innovation, creating cutting-edge designs that are powerful, but extremely intuitive. A leader in loudspeaker and mixer design, Mackie has solutions for any level of performance and any budget. Read more
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Mackie ProFX12v2 mixer provides a comprehensive live sound solution covering a huge range of applications. Delivering unmatched sound quality, ProFXv2 features all-new Mackie Vita preamps, which are virtually   ...
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The Mackie PPM608 Powered Mixer provides massive amounts of power in a compact size. The PPM608 features two ridiculously robust power amps for mains and/or monitors (500W + 500W). With 1000 watts of system   ...
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Featuring 1300 watts of total power, the Thump15A 15” powered loudspeaker has been redesigned from the ground up to sound better than ever. And with an all-new professional enclosure and robust system   ...
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Designed for multimedia creation and entertainment, the Mackie CR3 reference monitors deliver studio-quality design and performance in a sleek, small-footprint design. Mackie CR3 Creative Reference   ...
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Big Knob Studio+ is truly a nerve center for any professional studio. Mackie Big Knob Studio+ delivers a modernized, smart monitoring control solution based on the bestselling Big Knob, plus integrated USB   ...
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Mackie has been helping artists perform their best for decades with their renowned loudspeaker designs, and now they are bringing that signature sound straight to your ears! The Mackie MP-240 Dual Hybrid   ...
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