Mapex Armory Studioease 6-Piece Fast Size Drum Set
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The Armory Series is the latest realization of the Mapex hybrid shell concept. A fusion of birch and maple delivers the ultimate tonal expression, and the SONIClear bearing edge allows the drumhead to sit flat,   ...
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Mapex HP6005EB B600/B600/H600/P600/S600 W/B400EB
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Mars 600 Hardware from Mapex features lightweight yet highly functional stands and simple but sturdy pedals that will serve the needs of gigging drummers needing to lighten their load or younger players looking to   ...
Mapex MPX 14x8 Inch Maple Snare Drum
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The Mapex MPX Maple Snare Drums were introduced to complement the Mapex Black Panther Series of premium snare drums. This is a Maple snare drum with low mass lugs, flanged steel hoops, fully adjustable throw-offs   ...
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