While all drum companies love drums, MAPEX loves drummers! That sentiment is what drives our process of innovation, quality, and customer service. We listen carefully to the opinions and wishes of drummers and then do our best to deliver drums and hardware that exceed expectations. From the affordable customization offered by the MyDentity program to the high end look and sound of Saturn IV, MAPEX has asked drummers what they want and then delivered answers. With the development of the SONIClear Bearing Edge, standard on all Armory and Mars Series kits, MAPEX has solved a problem that's frustrated drummers for decades. We've made drums EASY TO TUNE. So now drummers can TUNE LESS and PLAY MORE!
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The Mapex Storm is a 5-piece rock kit with plenty of projection and a great low end. The Storm Rock drum set includes 10' and 12' bass-mounted rack toms, a 14' snare drum, and a 22' bass drum. The smaller and   ...
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For reliability, gigging drummers choose Mapex! The Storm P400 pedal provides solid performance and durability at a price that’s perfect. With standard features like single-chain drives, adjustable spurs and   ...
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The Mapex MPX Maple Snare Drums were introduced to complement the Mapex Black Panther Series of premium snare drums. This is a Maple snare drum with low mass lugs, flanged steel hoops, fully adjustable throw-offs   ...
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