Over 50 years ago, Jim Marshall saw the need for a certain type of guitar amp, something much bigger and bolder. What followed was a revolution in sound that brought Marshall amps front and center on the world stage! Marshall Combo Amps can cover everything from the practice room to the performance space - these are no-nonsense, rock-solid guitar amps. If you want to make a statement and follow in the sonic footsteps of guitar icons, Marshall heads provide you with legendary all-tube tone. Go big and bold - the iconic Marshall stacks are the driving power behind the biggest guitar performances taking place around the globe. Discover the "Marshall Sound" - AMS is your stop for the best deals on Marshall amps!
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Marshall’s MG series has long been the amp of choice for players who don’t want to break the bank to get that coveted Marshall sound and aura! The MG100HGFX continues this tradition and brings modern   ...
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Equal parts classic design, iconic tones, and forward-thinking innovations, Marshall has pulled out all the stops with their new Origin Series of heads and combo amplifiers! The Marshall Origin ORI50H is a 50-watt   ...
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The Marshall 1960AV is loaded with 70W, 12-inch Vintage 30 Celestion speakers. This cabinet has a thicker, warmer sound than the 1960A with a fat, well-defined midrange and a more rounded high end that   ...
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Marshall is the workhorse amp for stage and studio that professional guitarists prefer to play. The DSL40 combo amp now features adjustable power output, EQ refinements, an emulated output, plus reverb, resonance   ...
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By using the CODE foot controller with your Marshall CODE amplifier, you will experience the full expressiveness of the next generation of Marshall amplifiers. Connect your CODE programmable 4-way footcontroller   ...
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