Moog Music

Moog Subsequent 37 Analog Synthesizer

From  $1,499.00$1,499.00
12 Payments of $124.92
The Subsequent 37 is a (2-note) paraphonic analog synthesizer that builds upon the award-winning design of the ultra-powerful Sub 37 Tribute Edition. Its control panel is home to 40 knobs and 74 switches, placing  ...
Moog Mother 32 Semi Modular Analog Synthesizer

From  $599.00$599.00
12 Payments of $49.92
Moog Mother-32 is the first semi-modular tabletop and Eurorack synthesizer from Moog. The Mother 32 adds raw analog sound, sequencing and extensive interconnectivity to any electronic or modular ecosystem and was  ...
Moog DFAM Semi Modular Analog Percussion Synthesizer

From  $599.00$599.00
12 Payments of $49.92
Highly interactive, the Drummer From Another Mother (DFAM) is a very expressive analog instrument that allows you to explore and experiment with your creativity. The DFAM is a semi-modular analog percussion  ...
Moog MF Trem Minifooger Tremolo Guitar Effect Pedal

From  $159.95$159.95
3 Payments of $53.32
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The MF Trem is an analog tremolo pedal based around a balanced modulator and Sub Audio VCO. This unique design creates a wide range of tremolo effects that are based on phase cancellation and addition. Create  ...
Moog MF101 Moogerfooger Low Pass Envelope Filter Pedal

From  $289.00$289.00
5 Payments of $57.80
This is the classic Moog filter that changed the sound of electronic music. Reach out and sweep the filter with the CUTOFF knob. Or use the ENVELOPE section to do it automatically. Or plug in one or more  ...
Moog MF Flange Minifooger Flanger Guitar Effect Pedal

From  $169.95$169.95
3 Payments of $56.65
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The MF Flange is a 100 percent analog BBD based phase manipulator with a dedicated voicing switch and mono or stereo output capabilities. The two-position Type switch toggles between two voice modes: vocal or a  ...
Moog Standard Etherwave Theremin

From  $389.00$389.00
8 Payments of $48.63
The Theremin is one of the oldest electronic instruments, and the only one known that you play without touching. By moving your hands in the space around its antennas, you control pitch and volume. Theremins  ...
Moog Theremini Digital Theremin

Moog Theremini Digital Theremin


5 out of 5 stars

From  $299.00$299.00
8 Payments of $37.38
Theremini is a re-imagination of one of the oldest electronic musical instruments in history—the theremin. The Theremini guarantees immediate success for any player at any skill level, while providing new  ...
Moog Etherwave Plus Theremin

Moog Etherwave Plus Theremin

  5 out of 5 stars

From  $499.00$499.00
8 Payments of $62.38
Control your gear with a wave of your hand! The Moog Music Etherwave Plus Theremin extends the Theremin’s gestural playing technique to the world of analog synthesis and beyond. Control synthesizers and  ...
Moog EP3 Keyboard Expression Pedal

From  $40.00$40.00
The EP-3 by Moog is a high quality universal expression pedal for keyboards, synthesizers or pedal with an expression or CV input. The EP-3 features a cam system with extremely smooth performance and durability, a  ...
Moog Minitaur Wood Sides

From  $59.00$59.00
3 Payments of $19.67
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Give your Minitaur a classic look with this high-quality wood kit.The pieces are easy to install and make your Minitaur feel right at home next to your Voyager, Taurus III, Moogerfoogers & the rest of the Moog  ...
Moog 60hp Eurorack Case

From  $88.00$88.00
3 Payments of $29.34
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Extruded aluminum Eurorack case with wood sides (no modules included). Up to 1.9” module depth. Requires separate Eurorack power  ...