Pacific Drums

Pacific PDP Concept Maple 7 Piece Shell Kit Drum Set

From  $949.99$949.99
12 Payments of $79.17
Drum Workshop brings you the new Concept Series in a 7 piece Maple Shell Kit. All tom and kick shells are 7-ply, with the exception of the snare drums which are 10-ply. Through our research with the Drum Workshop  ...
Pacific Concept Maple PDCM2217 7 Piece With Hardware

From  $1,199.98$1,199.98
12 Payments of $100.00
The Concept Series in a 7-piece set with maple shells and hardware by Pacific Drums. All tom and kick shells are 7-ply, with the exception of the snare drums which are 10-ply. Through our research with the Drum  ...
Pacific Concept Exotic 5 Piece Shell Kit

From  $899.99$899.99
12 Payments of $75.00
Exotic finish, quality build and user-friendly, the Concept Maple Exotic delivers! Drum Workshop has become synonymous with custom exotic finishes, while at the same time, PDP Concept Series drums have provided  ...
Pacific PDP 800 Series 2 Leg HiHat Stand

From  $84.99$84.99
3 Payments of $28.33
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The Pacific Drums by DW HH820 2-Leg Hi-Hat Stand is excellent quality at an affordable price. This sturdy little stand is easy to position and fits into tight setups where standard tripod hi-hats just can’t  ...
Pacific PDBXHW8155 800 Series Medium Duty Double Braced Hardware Pack

From  $249.99$249.99
5 Payments of $50.00
Gigging drummers love these highly functional stands and the simple but sturdy pedal. Either upgrade your current hardware or take advantage from the start with this tough dependable hardware by Pacific Drums. The  ...
Pacific PDP 700 Series Snare Stand

From  $47.99$47.99
The Pacific 700 Series Snare Stand is a lightweight stand for easy portability. This snare stand has a precision shell-gripping mechanism for perfect angle adjustment. It's tough and sturdy with double-braced  ...
Pacific Concept Maple 6.5x14 20 Ply Wood Hoop Snare Drum Natural

From  $259.99$259.99
5 Payments of $52.00
A workhorse, the Pacific Concept Maple is a great sounding snare drum that drummers can rely on. This high quality snare is getting a new generation of drummers talking and surprising some seasoned pros, too. You  ...
Pacific Concept Eric Hernandez Maple 4x14 Inch Signature Snare Drum

From  $279.99$279.99
5 Payments of $56.00
An excellent sounding snare for stage or studio, the Eric Hernandez Signature snare is the first PDP drum with reinforcement hoops and gold-plated hardware, and come standard with a 2-ply ebony head by Remo.  ...
Pacific Concept Chad Smith Signature 6x14 Inch Clear Acrylic Snare Drum

From  $249.99$249.99
5 Payments of $50.00
Just as unique as its looks, the sound of the Chad Smith Signature snare will set you apart from the crowd. A very responsive snare that cuts thru the mix, your sound will never be lost. The clear acrylic Chad  ...
Pacific PDP AX991 10.5mm Single Drum Holder And Accessory Clamp

From  $29.95$29.95
Securely clamp and attach your drum to nearly any cymbal stand with the Pacific Drum PDAX991 accessory clamp.  Easily add an extra tom or accessory without the another stand. Plus you save space with the PDAX991  ...
Pacific Concept Cymbal Boom Arm

From  $39.95$39.95
The Concept PDAX934SQG boom arm is modular and versatile. A unique, toothless Quick Grip tilter slides along the arm for optimal placement of cymbals, sounds, and effects. The 9” tube, with ratchet, can be  ...
Pacific Concept 10 5 MM Tom/Floor Tom Leg Bracket

From  $10.95$10.95
Position your drums where you need them with the Pacific Concept Ball-In-Socket Style 10.5mm arm with  ...