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Pacific Drums
Pacific Drums and Percussion is a progressive drum brand that provides stylish, great-sounding drums, strong drum pedals, and steady hardware that feature boutique-inspired, player-friendly components and best-in-class build-quality. Founded by Drum Workshop, Inc. in 1999, PDP instruments have been used by all types of players everywhere, from students and educators to professional players, working drummers, and faculty members at music institutions. The Pacific Drums and Percussion lineup has expanded over the years to include award-winning products at incredible value prices. From beginners to touring pros, PDP continues to offer instruments and accessories that are consistent with DW's mission statement to provide solutions for drummers.
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The Concept Series in a 7-piece set with maple shells and hardware by Pacific Drums. All tom and kick shells are 7-ply, with the exception of the snare drums which are 10-ply. Through our research with the Drum   ...
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Gigging drummers love these highly functional stands and the simple but sturdy pedal. Either upgrade your current hardware or take advantage from the start with this tough dependable hardware by Pacific Drums. The   ...
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A workhorse, the Pacific Concept Maple is a great sounding snare drum that drummers can rely on. This high quality snare is getting a new generation of drummers talking and surprising some seasoned pros, too. You   ...
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Securely clamp and attach your drum to nearly any cymbal stand with the Pacific Drum PDAX991 accessory clamp.  Easily add an extra tom or accessory without the another stand. Plus you save space with the PDAX991   ...
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