The innovation of sound has always been the driving force behind Sabian cymbals. With modern music continuing to branch out in exciting new ways, today's drummers and percussionists need versatile sounds and consistent well-built cymbals that offer the colors they're looking for, no matter what the genre or style. Since 1981, Sabian has been up to that very task, drawing from a palette of worldwide influences past and present to craft a far-reaching selection of incredible cymbals ready to be used by absolutely any drummer or percussionist.
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The Sabian HHX Evolution Cymbal Package boasts excellent projection and a full, rich tone. This pack includes a set of 14 inch hi-hats, a 16 inch crash, a 20 inch ride, and a free 18 inch Ozone crash that cuts   ...
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The AAX O-Zone Crash has a bright, shimmering sound with a darker undertone. This is the result of the holes in the cymbal affecting the movement of vibrations through the metal. This model, like the darker   ...
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With its touch-sensitive response, the Sabian HHX Evolution Hi Hat Cymbals deliver a glassy, shimmering response, and project even the busiest sticking with crisp clarity. HHX Series Hot, shimmering darkness   ...
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Sabian HHX Omni Cymbal

Ultimate in Sonic Contrast and Versatility!
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Sabian introduces its revolutionary 122OMX HHX Omni ride from the Modern Dark HHX series! The jumbo HHX hammering delivers a Ride cymbal that’s dry, articulate and always controlled, while the medium-sized   ...
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Using the XSR Fast Crash as a starting point, SABIAN has applied the highly-effective and successful B8 Pro double-ring O-Zone hole design to a B20 cast cymbal for the first time. The result is a darker, quicker   ...
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So many of you loved the Air Splash in the years before, so Sabian felt compelled to bring it back for another chance. This is a punchy, cutting splash cymbal that really opens up and breathes. With 3/4 inch holes   ...
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A high quality back pack bag, the Sabian Quick 22 features well-padded straps that allow you to get in and out of the gig quickly and comfortably. The Sabian Quick 22 features a unique wear-on-your back set-up and   ...
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