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In 1980, Samson started out as a wireless mic company so designing high quality mics was vitally important from the very beginning. But, just building great sounding mics doesn't make you a leader, creating an entirely new mic category does. The Samson C01U was the first USB mic capable of direct connection to a computer for recording, podcasting, voice recognition, and countless other applications. Followed quickly by the iconic Go Mic, Meteor, Q2U, G-Track and the new C01U PRO, Samson is now a world leader in USB mics, low profile-high output earset mics for stage and presentation, and computer recording accessories.
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The Samson R21 Dynamic Vocal Microphone delivers pro-quality sound at a dollar-store price! The Samson R21 is a high quality, low impedance vocal/instrument mic with a warm, natural sound, a tight cardioid pattern   ...
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The Samson C01 has all the performance features that you demand from a large diaphragm studio condenser mic - and a knockout price! The Samson C01 is great for recording vocals, acoustic instruments and for use   ...
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Achieving professional recording quality at home or in the studio has truly never been easier than with the Samson G-Track Pro Studio mic! G-Track Pro is a USB microphone with an instrument input and mixer for   ...
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The Samson SE50 Headset Condenser Microphone is perfect for presentation, fitness and vocal applications. This low profile, miniature condenser microphone provides accurate audio reproduction through its compact   ...
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The DK707 is a full-range microphone package for professional drummers. It includes four Q72 instrument mics, one Q71 kick drum mic and two C02 pencil condenser mics for overhead miking. With swivel-style   ...
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