Squier Guitars by Fender

Squier electric guitars and basses are versatile, rock-solid instruments that are just waiting to be picked up and played! The Squier Stratocaster, Squier Telecaster, Squier Jazzmaster, and Squier Mustang all represent Fender's most iconic designs and they are an incredible value. The stalwart Fender Bass designs are embodied as well - the Squier Precision Bass and Squier Jazz Bass bring out those characteristic low-end sounds with clarity and accuracy. When you take a look into schools and private lesson studios, you'll see Squier Electric Guitars and Squier Bass Guitars in the hands of eager players everywhere. That's because educators and technicians highly recommend these no-hassle instruments for students of all ages and abilities. Squier also goes well beyond the practice room and the classroom. Gigging professionals and performers look to Squier to add new sounds to their setups with ease. The Classic Vibe lineup brings vintage touches, fresh tonal flavor, and striking designs from past Fender instruments to the forefront and Squier Signature instruments incorporate the preferences of top-performing artists to you and your setup.