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Don't skimp on Stage Monitors! Nothing is worse than the poor performance caused when the band members can't hear themselves. Like Subs and Cabs, stage monitors are also available unpowered and powered-and personal!

Peavey PV12M Passive Stage Monitor

Unpowered. Requires separate power amplifier
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The Peavey PV 12M Floor Monitor makes your vocals really cut through! Rated at 500 watts program and 1,000 watts peak power handling capability, the rugged, trapezoidal PV 12M is built to withstand the rigors of   ...
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Since its introduction, the Eurolive F1220A active floor monitor has been wildly successful. Building on that legacy, Behringer is proud to present the even more powerful Eurolive F1320D Powered Stage Monitor.   ...
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Whether rehearsing and perfecting your craft or on stage doing what you love, the TC Helicon SingThing is the ultimate effects and monitoring solution! This all-in-one vocal processor with a powerful built-in   ...
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