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Washburn M1K Mandolin Package with Gig Bag, Lesson Book and Accessories
We carry more than just guitars! Here you'll find Stringed Instruments for every genre of music, from bluegrass and folk to country and Celtic, to rock and beyond. Experience the latest in Mandolins, Banjos, Resonators, Lap Steels, and even Electric Violins. Whether you want to pick it, strum it, bow it, or slide on it, you'll find a fantastic selection at American Musical Supply.
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Each instrument in Washburn’s Timeless Collection is rare and unique in that it is built with reclaimed wood that is at least 140 years old! Reclaimed from European Fir beams, trusses and joists from old   ...
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The B10 is the perfect banjo for the budding Bluegrasser and will provide a lifetime of musical enjoyment. The B10 is a 5-string banjo with a mahogany resonator finished in gloss sunburst for increased volume and   ...
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With its classic Dobro lines, maple wood body, and classic single cone resonator/spider bridge construction, the Dobro Hound Dog Roundneck is stunning in both appearance and tone. In addition to the bridge’s   ...
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The Vorson FLSL-220 Pro Lap Steel Guitar sounds as good as it looks and it looks incredible! The FLSL- 220 Pro features a semi-hollow design with two sculpted F-holes and the solid center section is topped with   ...
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Gator GCBANJOXL Fit All Banjo Case; Solid protection for your Banjo. This case will fit any banjo from tenors to plectrum models. If you're a gigging musician, or just like to pick your banjo anywhere and   ...
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The TKL 61512 Zero-Gravity combination A/F style mandolin soft case provides ultimate protection. TKL’s Zero-Gravity Ultra-Light, Ultra-Strong, Ultra-Affordable cases for a diverse range of acoustic and   ...
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Plug in the Full Circle and the sound of your upright is all there. Whether it’s big, fat and punchy pizz, full-voiced arco or slap, you’ll hear all the acoustic qualities, dynamics, and nuances of   ...
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Find the warmest, deepest sound in your mandolin with this articulate, balanced, long-lasting set of strings. Made to amplify the natural tone of your instrument, Martin designed their mandolin strings to sound   ...
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