Ukuleles for Sale

The ukulele originated when Portuguese immigrants brought small stringed instruments to Hawaii in the 19th century. Those were soon adapted and later evolved into the modern ukulele we know today. Portable and compact with a rich, mellow sound, the ukulele is a fun instrument to learn. They are used in modern pop, jazz, folk, and country genres, drawing from a deep musical history. So, what sets the 4-string ukulele apart from a guitar? You commonly tune Soprano and Concert Ukuleles to G-C-E-A in a reentrant style. This allows for distinct harmonies bunched in close clusters. Tenor and Baritone ukuleles often use D-G-B-E tuning, the same as the highest four strings of a 6-string acoustic guitar. Ready to get started with your own uke? AMS has a huge selection, from price-friendly beginner instruments all the way up to the pro models made of gorgeous solid tonewoods like koa and mahogany. We even carry acoustic-electric and fully electric ukuleles that can be plugged into amps and PA speakers!