Zildjian Cymbals

When it comes to cymbals, there's a reason that Zildjian is the first name that immediately comes to mind. Behind the evolution of drummers laying down intense solos on the rock stage, driving the groove behind a jazz band, adding lush colors to the orchestra, or bringing artistic visions to life in the studio, Zildjian has always been there. The Avedis Zildjian Company has been a family run business passed down from generation to generation since 1623, nearly four hundred years! Through their distinct process for treating alloys of copper, tin, and trace silver they are able to consistently craft incredible sounding cymbals. Credited with the legendary creation of iconic cymbal models such as the splash, ride, crash, hi-hat, and sizzle, Zildjian continues to make time-tested cymbals while exploring the newest sounds for the next generation of drummers and percussionists.