Arturia AudioFuse 8Pre USB Audio Interface

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Combining pristine sound with the robust Arturia Creative Suite software, the AudioFuse 8Pre is both a feature-rich standalone interface and a reliable ADAT preamp expander in one. Packing 8 channels of premium analog audio, rock-solid sync, USB-C and optical connectivity, AudioFuse 8Pre is destined to become the expander of choice in studios and creative spaces around the world. 

The best of both
AudioFuse 8Pre can fulfill any studio role. You already have a powerful interface, but need more inputs? AudioFuse 8Pre is the perfect ADAT preamp expander. Want to record multiple channels, but don’t own an ADAT-capable interface? AudioFuse 8Pre can connect directly with your computer so you can record multi-tracked instruments all at once. Use on its own; expand your existing interface; cascade 2 AudioFuse 8Pre together via ADAT for 16 channels of pristine analog audio. AudioFuse 8Pre does it all.

Peerless quality AudioFuse 8Pre offers unrivalled quality at its price point. The 8 Discrete Pro preamps and analog signal path will let you truly “hear” your audio for the first time. The super-low Equivalent Input Noise (EIN) lets you capture every subtle detail, while the huge input gain will drive even the most demanding low- output mics. All this with a totally flat frequency response for total transparency.

AudioFuse 8Pre comes complete with the AudioFuse Creative Suite, an ever-evolving collection of software effects and instruments that will let you add your own unique signature to your music. Combining favorites from our 3 Preamps You’ll Actually Use, Analog Lab Lite, MiniFilter and other upcoming Arturia Software effects (700USD worth software!), AudioFuse 8Pre lets you also enjoy legendary signal processing effects and iconic synth sounds. Color the pristine inputs of AudioFuse 8Pre with stunning vintage effects!
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Phone:  Warranty:  1 Year; 5 Year Minifuse Only

Product Specifications

Arturia AudioFuse 8Pre USB Audio Interface Specifications
  • Two Operating modes:
    • Soundcard or Expander
    • Record 8 Ins in one shot with the USB mode
    • Expand your actual configuration with 8 more Ins with the ADAT mode
  • Huge connectivity:
    • 8 Discrete Pro analog ins
    • 8 line out
    • Speakers Outputs
    • Phone Output 1/4” inch and 1/8” inch sized
    • USB-C interface compatible with PC & Mac, fully USB 2.0 compatible
    • 2 analog balanced inserts on channel 1&2
    • Cascade 2 AudioFuse 8Pre and build an affordable 16 ins/Outs recording solution
  • Pristine sound:
    • 8 high end Discrete Pro preamps that feed high quality AKM Premium A/D converters
  • Smart Design:
    • Rack mounted or table top interface.
    • Swappable ears or feet
    • Premium black metal casing
  • Pro Grade Synchronisation:
    • Double ADAT for 8 digital In & Out up to 24bits / 96khz
    • Wordclock BNC In & Out

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