Rane - Vendor of the Month

Professional 4-channel motorized DJ controller

The RANE PERFORMER is the only 4-channel motorized DJ controller built to RANE’s rigorous standards. The PERFORMER earns the namesake from the talented professional artists that put this controller to work, making good use of the PRECISION FEEL FADERS, MAG FOUR crossfader, and industry-leading sound quality.

Advanced STEMS Control

Advanced Stems control features including STEM-SPLIT, STEM LEVEL, STEM Pad Mode, and instant Acapella/Instrumental buttons.

RANE Performer Advanced STEMS Control

Dynamic FX Engine

Dynamic internal FX engine with 29 MAIN FX, 4 knob-controlled CHANNEL FX, and access to Serato DJ software FX

RANE Performer Dynamic FX Engine

Wheel Display

3.5-inch wheel displays with multiple waveform and library views plus Day Mode

RANE Performer Wheel Display

MAG FOUR Crossfader

MAG FOUR crossfader with external tension adjustment knob

RANE Performer Mag Four Crossfader

Performance Pads

16 Performance Pads with dedicated OLED Pad Mode displays for visual feedback

RANE Performer Performance Pads
12 Payments of $166.59