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    PreSonus Series III StudioLive 32 32 Channel Digital Mixer With Total Recall

    From  $2,550.00$2,550.00
    12 Payments of $212.50
    Looking for a mixer that offers cutting-edge technology in the studio and has the flexibility to operate in a live recording environment? The PreSonus® Series III StudioLive® 32-Channel Digital Mixer is  ...
    PreSonus StudioLive 16.0.2 Digital Mixer

    From  $899.95$899.95
    12 Payments of $75.00
    Introducing A Slimmed Down Direct Descendent of PreSonus StudioLive, The 16.0.2! Following in the footsteps of the StudioLive 24.4.2 and 16.4.2, the PreSonus StudioLive 16.0.2 offers 16 channels and the  ...
    PreSonus StudioLive SLM AR16 18-Channel Hybrid USB Mixer Interface

    From  $599.95$599.95
    12 Payments of $50.00
    StudioLive AR16 USB 18-channel hybrid mixers make it simple to mix and record live shows, studio productions, band rehearsals, podcasts, and much more. This is a musician’s mixer: lightweight, versatile,  ...
    PreSonus Studio One 3 Recording Bundle

    From  $299.95$299.95
    8 Payments of $37.50
    A complete, all-PreSonus hardware/software recording kit — just add a Mac, PC, or iPad! Start recording today with this complete, all-PreSonus package! Record high-resolution 96K audio with the ultra-mobile  ...
    PreSonus Quantum 26x32 Thunderbolt 2 Low Latency Audio Interface

    From  $999.95$999.95
    12 Payments of $83.33
    Taking full advantage of the high-speed Thunderbolt 2 bus, the Quantum audio/MIDI interface delivers extremely low latency and superb audio quality, with 24-bit, 192 kHz recording and playback; converters with  ...
    PreSonus AudioBox iTwo Studio Recording Package

    From  $249.95$249.95
    5 Payments of $49.99
    Start recording today with this complete, all-PreSonus mobile-recording package for Mac, Windows, and iPad! It’s a great choice for multitrack song production, demos and musical inspirations, live  ...
    PreSonus AIR10 Pair With AR8 Mixer Bundle

    From  $1,399.00$1,399.00
    12 Payments of $116.59
    Delivering a natural sound with an easy to use mixer, this PreSonus PA package is an excellent choice for garage bands, small venues or installed sound. The PreSonus AIR10 with AR8 Mixer bundle includes two AIR10  ...
    Presonus AIR12 Pair with AR12 Mixer Bundle

    From  $1,599.95$1,599.95
    12 Payments of $133.33
    Easy to use and providing great coverage, this PreSonus speaker mixer package is great for coffee houses, practice or any smaller venue. Providing a rich low-end and natural high-frequency sound, the AIR12 offers  ...
    PreSonus AIR15 1200 Watt 15" 2-Way Active Powered Loudspeaker

    From  $699.95$699.95
    12 Payments of $58.33
    The AIR15 features a 15-inch woofer with a 1.35-inch tweeter to produce a tight low end while keeping the highs crystal clear. A compact and lightweight speaker, the AIR15 easily fits in the backseat of your car  ...
    PreSonus Eris E66 Active Studio Monitor Dual 6 1/2 Inch Woofers

    From  $349.95$349.95
    8 Payments of $43.75
    Eris E66 Active MTM monitors deliver smooth on- and off-axis response with more dynamic output than conventional two-way studio monitor configurations, thanks to their MTM (mid woofer-tweeter-mid woofer) design,  ...
    PreSonus FaderPort 16 DAW Mix Conrol Surface With 16 Motorized Faders

    From  $999.95$999.95
    12 Payments of $83.33
    A compact format offering a superior solution, the FaderPort 16 provides 16 touch-sensitive 100 mm motorized faders right at your fingertips. the FaderPort 16 features digital scribble strip displays; mute and  ...
    PreSonus Eris E8 8 Inch 2 Way Full Range High Definition Powered Studio Monitor

    From  $224.95$224.95
    8 Payments of $62.50
    The ultra-affordable Eris E8 Monitor is designed to deliver a very accurate response with a tight bass and very clear upper end. That’s what you need in a home studio. The PreSonus Eris E8 Package  ...
    PreSonus Studio One 3 Professional Software With Key Card

    From  $399.00$399.00
    8 Payments of $49.88
    Raise your standards with Studio One 3 Professional! Built by creative people for creative music production, it contains everything you’d expect from a modern digital audio powerhouse, and adds  ...
    PreSonus Studio One Pro 3.0 Upgrade from Artist to Pro

    From  $299.95$299.95
    8 Payments of $37.50
    Raise your standards with Studio One 3 Professional Upgrade editon! Built by creative people for creative music production, it contains everything you’d expect from a modern digital audio powerhouse, and  ...
    PreSonus FaderPort 8 8 Channel DAW Mix Computer Production Controller

    From  $449.95$449.95
    8 Payments of $56.25
    The ergonomic design of the FaderPort 8 makes it a comfortable companion to your studio recording environment. The FaderPort 8 features eight 100 mm motorized, touch-sensitive faders; digital scribble strip  ...