K for Bass Guitars

An emerging generation of electric bass guitar players is coming to the realization that traditional bass amplifiers do not have the high frequency extension to reproduce the full-range tone of their favorite electric bass.  Whether slapping, walking, peddling or fretless sliding, the nuances of modern bass technique have evolved. Driven by bassists hearing their instruments directly through the recording console, the contemporary bass sound is far more complex and subtle than it was back in the day.

The traditional bass amplifier is designed with a primary focus on low frequency extension, but generally speaking, very poor high frequency extension. Some manufacturers have attempted to improve this situation by adding a bullet tweeter, but the resulting frequency response is far from flat, especially off-axis. Moving across the stage, the sound of the bass amplifier changes dramatically, causing the player to continually feel a need to make adjustments of tone. Many session players who work in the studio and absolutely love the sound of their bass guitar through the studio reference monitors, often wonder why no one has ever built a rugged, high-powered studio monitor for stage use.

The K Family of loudspeakers offers studio-quality reinforcement for your electric bass, and with 1000 watts of pure Class D power per cabinet, they are more than capable of playing at volumes that can not only keep up with the other instruments on stage, but also maintain a consistency of tone across the listening area and throughout the full bass guitar frequency spectrum. 

Benefits at a glance:

  • Full-range, undistorted reproduction at loud volumes (i.e. big studio monitors for stage).
  • Flatter off-axis response is achieved using DMT Technology  - this results in more intelligible sound when moving around stage, and wider stereo imaging when using a stereo pair.
  • Floor Wedge or Pole-mount options on the 10” & 12” models.
  • Two channel mixer onboard (including a Mic Input) allows for instrument amp and stage monitor use simultaneously.
  • Through-connections and a mixed output are provided for easy connection to mixing console inputs. Control the volume of your stage “mix” using an Expression Foot Pedal*.

QSC K Series