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KNA MP-2 Mandolin Piezo Pickup

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Product Description

KNA’s MP-2 is low-profile, portable, bridge-mounted piezo pickup with volume control. Designed for mandolin, the MP-2 is engineered and handcrafted by KNA.

The innovative design allows an entirely external setup without any modifications to the instrument. The complete installation can be completed within a matter of minutes.

The amplified tone is balanced and natural, providing full frequencies from bass to treble registers of the mandolin.

KNA MP-2 Mandolin Piezo Pickup Features

  • Safe and Quick Install: Just mount the pickup jack housing onto the lower bout, just below the F-hole on your instrument's 1st (E) string pair side. Insert the wooden sensor into the bridge, between the base and the top, in the middle of the thumbwheels.
  • Onboard Volume Control: Players can control their output signal onstage or in the studio from the pickup-mounted volume knob.
  • Wood Housing and Sensor: The jack housing is encased in elegant and stylish ebony. The piezo sensor has a lightweight wooden casing to achieve maximum tonal sensitivity and transmission.
  • Natural Sound: MP-2 has a passive design that reproduces the instrument's natural sound with no need for a battery.
  • Protection for Your Instrument’s Finish: The adjustable clamps have protective cork at each point of contact to prevent damage to your instrument’s finish.
  • Compatible with All Types of Flat-Backed Mandolins: The pickup is designed to fit perfectly on A- and F- body style flat-backed mandolins with adjustable base-and-top style bridges.


  • Weight: 45g / 1.6oz
  • Wood for Jack Housing: Solid ebony
  • Wood for Sensor Casing: Maple and white beech
  • Maximum Impedance: 800 ?
  • Potentiometer: 500 k?
  • Pickup Sensor Dimensions: 20mm X 23mm X 25mm (0.787 in X 0.905 in X 0.984 in)
  • Lead Wire Length: 140mm (5.511 in)
  • Jack Housing Length: 50.3-50.4mm (1.98-1.984 in)
  • Jack Housing Height: 21.3-21.4mm (0.839-0.843 in)
  • Mounting Bracket Untightened: 54mm (2.125 in)
  • Foot Width: 15.8-16mm (0.622-0.629 in)
  • Pickup Sensor Thickness: 1.9-2mm (0.073-0.079 in)
  • Sensor to Jack Housing Plug Length: 40mm (1.574 in)
  • Jack Housing Width: 13mm (0.511 in)
  • Mounting Bracket Tightened: 38mm (1.496 in)
  • Thin Shim Thickness: 0.6mm (0.023 in)
  • Thick Shim Thickness: 1mm (0.039 in)

**Handmade Pickups May Vary Slightly in Size Due to the Nature of the Building**

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