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The powerful M•Caster Studio is a compact Live Streaming Production Studio for streaming on mobile devices, laptops, and in the studio. Plug in your mic, sweeten your sound with ContourFX and StreamFX, then stream in minutes. With ContourFX, your voice will reach new heights with studio-quality sound-shaping and enhancements. And with StreamFX, you can add fun voice-changing effects.

M•Caster Studio is also packed with features like dedicated headset and media player inputs, a built-in 4-pad sampler with 3GB of internal storage, USB connectivity, and user selectable RGB lighting that looks amazing in any streaming setup. The built-in MixViewer color display makes adjustments and configuration a snap. And with Bluetooth®, you can use M•Caster Studio as a wireless input and output device with a phone, tablet, or computer, great for integrating a caller or additional music.

Automatic mix minus ensures that remote guests only hear you on their end. From streaming to podcasting, get pristine audio just about anywhere with M•Caster Studio. Your followers will thank you.

Mackie M-Caster Studio Live Streaming Mixer Features

  • Stream a little stream

    M•Caster Studio was designed to make it easy to get great audio on your computer or even smartphone for live streaming and content creation. M•Caster Studio packs all the tone shaping and connectivity you need without making things complicated.

  • Content creators, we got you

    M•Caster Studio was created with content creators at the top of the list. Every feature from easy tone shaping and effects to plug-and-play operation and compact size, makes M•Caster Studio the audio solution you’ve been looking for. And with its sleek looks and RGB lighting, you’ll want it proudly displayed on camera for your next stream or video.

  • No expertise required

    Sure, reading a thousand posts in forums on how to sound good on stream can be fun, but you don’t have time for that. Let M•Caster Studio do the heavy lifting for you. Plug in, turn a few knobs to dial in your sound, and you’re good to go.

  • Big sound, little mixer

    At the heart of a M•Caster Studio is some serious sound-shaping horsepower. Choose between an array of different ContourFX Presets that can add anything from thunderous depth to sparkly angelic tones to your voice with the turn of a single knob. Dial it in just right with the ContourFX control on each channel. Try each profile preset and find your signature sound.

  • Choose your mood lighting

    Everyone knows that slick RGB lighting is what really makes your computer run faster (not really), so we made sure that M•Caster provides that extra LED-fueled oomph that you require. All along the bottom is an LED strip with tons of gorgeous colors to choose from.

  • The finishing touches

    Want to add a little audio flair to your stream? How about punching up your vocals to get the hype train really moving? M•Caster makes it easy with fun StreamFX voice changing effects that you can activate at the turn of a knob. Get creative and turn your voice into a robot or add some space with a massive reverb.

  • Size matters

    And in this case, the smaller the better. M•Caster Studio’s compact design makes it easy to find a perfect place on your desk for it to live.

  • USB yourself

    Just plug in with the included USB cable, tweak a couple software settings, and boom you’ve got that M•Caster sweetness direct into your computer. Easily integrate a phone caller into your stream by utilizing the Phone input and automatic Mix Minus will make sure the caller only hears you and not themselves.

  • Delicious Sound Bites
  • Everyone loves a well-timed sound effect, sample, song, etc. and M•Caster Studio makes it easy to slide one into your stream. Store audio files directly on to M•Caster Studio and instantly play them back via four dedicated Sample Trigger buttons. Feeling inspired in the moment? Record one directly on to M•Caster Studio at any time.

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