Tama Drums

Tama Drums is a shining star in the world of percussion and they are built on the principles of disciplined construction, rigorous study into new design techniques, and a promise to serve the needs of drummers everywhere! The Japan-based Hoshino Gakki company introduced Tama to the musical landscape over 40 years ago and their drum sets, snare drums, heavy-duty hardware essentials, and accessories consistently receive the highest praises from around the globe. If you're looking to buy a drum set, Tama checks all of the boxes. Vibrant, visually stunning drum shells. Steadfast implements to maximize resonance. And lastly, the hardware that brings it all together. Are you ready to expand your drum sound and put some custom touches in place? Tama Snare Drums bring unique tones to any setup and are made with carefully selected woods, brass, or steel.