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The Custom 10 Bundle Plugins where you can tailor and build your own dream collection at a fraction of the normal cost.  With this customizable bundle, you can create your own kingdom of plug-ins and effects - all at an incredibly affordable price.

You have access to any 10 UAD plugs, curated to suit your studio recording needs. From vintage amps to new cutting-edge reverbs, you’ll be able to fine-tune what’s right for you and keep creative audio production at the top of its game. With 60% off the regular price, who wouldn't want in on this unique deal?

It doesn’t matter if you work with music or postproduction – this custom bundle has got you covered. Try something totally new or assemble a full set of essential plug-ins. You'll find out why hundreds of thousands of professional engineers around the world trust Universal Audio for their audio production needs.

Create that perfect soundscape you always wanted with Universal Audio's Custom 10 Bundle Plugins, so all eyes (or ears) will be on your studio!

Bundles to choose from:

1. UAD ADA Flanger

2. UAD ADA STD-1 Stereo Tapped Delay

3. UAD AKG BX 20

4. UAD Ampeg B15N

5. UAD Ampeg SVT3Pro

6. UAD Ampeg SVTVR Classic

7. UAD Ampeg SVTVR

8. UAD Ampex ATR-102

9. UAD AMS Neve DFC Channel Strip

10. UAD AMS DMX 15-80 S

11. UAD AMS RMX16 Expanded


13. UAD API 550A

14. UAD API 560

15. UAD API 2500

16. UAD API Preamp

17. UAD API Vision Channel Strip Legacy 18. UAD API Vision Channel Strip

19. UAD Auto-Tune Realtime Advanced 20. UAD Avalon VT-737sp

21. UAD Bermuda Triangle

22. UAD Brigade Chorus

23. UAD bx_digital V2 Mono

24. UAD bx_digital V2

25. UAD bx_digital V3 mix

26. UAD bx_digital V3

27. UAD bx_masterdesk Classic

28. UAD bx_masterdesk

29. UAD bx_refinement

30. UAD bx_saturator V2

31. UAD bx_subsynth

32. UAD bx_tuner

33. UAD C-Suite C-Axe

34. UAD C-Suite C-Vox

35. UAD Cambridge

36. UAD Capitol Chambers

37. UAD Century Tube Channel Strip

38. UAD Chandler GAV19T

39. UAD Chandler Limited Curve Bender 40. UAD Chandler Limited Zener Limiter 41. UAD Cooper Time Cube

42. UAD CS-1

43. UAD Dangerous BAX EQ Master

44. UAD Dangerous BAX EQ Mix

45. UAD dbx 160

46. UAD Diezel Herbert

47. UAD Diezel VH4

48. UAD DreamVerb

49. UAD Dytronics Cyclosonic Panner 50. UAD Dytronics Tri-Stereo Chorus

51. UAD Eden WT800

52. UAD elysia alpha master

53. UAD elysia alpha mix

54. UAD elysia mpressor

55. UAD Empirical Labs Distressor

56. UAD Empirical Labs FATSO Jr 57. UAD Empirical Labs FATSO Sr 58. UAD EMT 140

59. UAD EMT 250

60. UAD ENGL E646 VS

61. UAD ENGL E765 RT

62. UAD ENGL Savage 120

63. UAD EP-34 Tape Echo

64. UAD Eventide H910 Harmonizer 65. UAD Fairchild 660

66. UAD Fairchild 670 Legacy

67. UAD Fairchild 670

68. UAD Fender 55 Tweed Deluxe

69. UAD Friedman BE100

70. UAD Friedman Buxom Betty

71. UAD Friedman DS40

72. UAD Fuchs Overdrive Supreme 50 73. UAD Fuchs Train II

74. UAD Galaxy Tape Echo

75. UAD Gallien Krueger 800RB

76. UAD Harrison 32C SE

77. UAD Harrison 32C

78. UAD Helios Type 69 Legacy

79. UAD Helios Type 69

80. UAD Hitsville EQ

81. UAD Hitsville EQ Mastering

82. UAD Hitsville Reverb Chambers

83. UAD Korg SDD-3000

84. UAD Lexicon 224

85. UAD Lexicon 480L

86. UAD Little Labs IBP

87. UAD Little Labs VOG

88. UAD Maag EQ4

89. UAD Manley Massive Passive MST 90. UAD Manley Massive Passive

91. UAD Manley Preamp

92. UAD Manley Variable Mu

93. UAD Manley VOXBOX

94. UAD Marshall Bluesbreaker 1962

95. UAD Marshall JMP 2203

96. UAD Marshall Plexi Classic

97. UAD Marshall Plexi Super Lead 1959

98. UAD Marshall Silver Jubilee 2555 99. UAD MDWEQ5-3B

100. UAD MDWEQ5-5B

101. UAD Millennia NSEQ-2

102. UAD Moog Multimode Filter SE

103. UAD Moog Multimode Filter XL

104. UAD Moog Multimode Filter

105. UAD MXR Flanger-Doubler

106. UAD Neve 88RS Legacy

107. UAD Neve 88RS

108. UAD Neve 1073 Legacy

109. UAD Neve 1073

110. UAD Neve 1073SE Legacy

111. UAD Neve 1081

112. UAD Neve 1081SE

113. UAD Neve 1084

114. UAD Neve 2254 E Dual

115. UAD Neve 2254 E

116. UAD


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