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Audio Cables

Fender Custom Shop Tweed Guitar Instrument Cable

From  $29.99ex VAT$29.99inc VAT
The Fender Tweed Guitar Instrument Cable delivers sonic balance between your performance and your equipment. Designed specifically for live performance, Fender cables are engineered to avoid  ...
Monster Standard 100 Instrument Cable & PRO 200 PowerCenter Pack

From  $29.95ex VAT$29.95inc VAT
Protect your gear and maximize its performance with the Monster Standard 100 Instrument Cable and Pro 200 Power Center Package. This package includes the Monster Standard 100 instrument cable and the Pro 200 Power  ...
Planet Waves Circuit Breaker Guitar Cable with Right Angled Plug

From  $29.95ex VAT$29.95inc VAT
The Planet Waves Circuit Breaker plug has fail-safe operation to save your equipment from loud pops and squeals when you change guitars with a live amp. When the button is pushed, the cable  ...
CBI MLC20 LowZ Microphone Cable

From  $8.95ex VAT$8.95inc VAT
The CBI MLC Cables are built to last and priced to save you big money! An excellent Low-Z microphone cable, the CBI MLC offers high quality XLR male and female connectors and is compatible  ...
Hot Wires Economy Microphone Cable

From  $7.95ex VAT$7.95inc VAT
The Hot Wires Economy Microphone Cables offers the same great hotwires quality with lighter packaging that passes the savings to you. A vital accessory, Hot Wires Economy Microphone Cables are flexible, durable,  ...
Audix CBLDR25 Microphone Cable with Right Angle

From  $29.95ex VAT$29.95inc VAT
The professional Audix CBLDR25 is a premium microphone cable that delivers your sound with more presence, wider frequency response and excellent dynamic range. This high quality Audix cable features dual  ...
Neutrik NA4LJX Speakon to 1/4 Inch Female Adapter

From  $8.95ex VAT$8.95inc VAT
Keep Your 1/4' Cables! This clever adapter lets you connect to any power amp or speaker cabinet that has a Speakon jack, without cutting off the ends of your 1/4' cables to rewire them. Simply slip  ...
Behringer CT100 Cable Tester

From  $29.99ex VAT$29.99inc VAT
The Behringer CT100 Cable Tester is intelligent with 3-modes, microprocessor control, and it accepts virtually any connector type: XLR, mono and TRS phone (1/4', 1/8', TT), RCA and MIDI. The Behringer CT100 shows  ...
On Stage CTA6600 Velcro Cable Ties 5 Pack Black

From  $2.95ex VAT$2.95inc VAT
Control your unruly cables with these adjustable durable fabric strips. The OnStage CTA6600 velcro cable ties provide an easy, neat way to secure your guitar, mic and power cords. These fabric strips feature  ...
Monster Cable StudioLink Balanced 1/4 inch TRS Cable

From  $44.95ex VAT$44.95inc VAT
Monster Cable StudioLink Balanced Audio cables are best suited for high performance audio interconnect in a wide variety of home and professional performance and studio applications. High and low frequency  ...
CBI Ultimate Series Male XLR to 1/4 Inch TRS Cable

From  $17.95ex VAT$17.95inc VAT
CBI BL Ultimate series cables feature real Neutrik connectors and premium Belden/CBI MLU 'Ultimate' 20ga wire with a braided shield for maximum protection from interference. The braided shield also provides  ...
CBI BL2A 1/4 Inch TRS To 1/4 Inch TRS Balanced Cable

From  $9.95ex VAT$9.95inc VAT
The CBI BL2A cables feature flexible shielding and 24 gage balanced wire for crystal clear sound quality. Perfect for when you need that balanced TRS connection on the stage or in the studio. CBI features  ...
CBI Heavy Duty 14 Gauge Speaker Cable with 1/4 Inch Ends

From  $10.95ex VAT$10.95inc VAT
CBI Speaker Cable is tour-quality, super heavy-duty 14 gauge speaker cable, featuring a thick neoprene jacket, pure copper conductors and jumbo 1/4 inch connectors for more demanding speaker runs. Don't overtax  ...
CBI 14 Gauge Speakon to Speakon Speaker Cable

From  $28.95ex VAT$28.95inc VAT
Tour-quality, super heavy-duty 14 gauge speaker cables feature a thick neoprene jacket, pure copper conductors and high quality connectors for more demanding speaker runs. Don't overtax your power amp when cables  ...
CBI Economy Speaker Cable Speakon to 1/4 Inch

From  $14.95ex VAT$14.95inc VAT
CBI Speakon to 1/4 Inch Speaker Cable is tour-quality, 16-gauge economy speaker cable that features a neoprene jacket, pure copper conductors and high quality connectors for more demanding speaker runs. Don't  ...
Behringer S16 16 Channel Digital IO Snake

From  $899.99ex VAT$899.99inc VAT
3 EZ Payments of $300.00
Designed for use with the Behringer X32 Digital Mixer, the Behringer S16 16 Channel Digital IO Snake is compatible with any digital mixer that features AES50 networking capability. Digital mixing is becoming the  ...
CBI MC 16x4 Performer B Series Audio Snake - 100 Feet

From  $329.97ex VAT$329.97inc VAT
3 EZ Payments of $109.99
CBI Audio Snakes feature top quality components and construction including Neutrik hand-soldered XLR and TRS panel mounts in the stage box; CBI XLR nickel connectors on the fan; and 16 gauge rolled steel stage box  ...
Pro Co Stagemaster Snake

From  $199.95ex VAT$199.95inc VAT
3 EZ Payments of $83.32
Affordable and reliable, the Pro Co StageMaster Audio Snakes feature a pro quality rugged design with solid connectors and a flexible cable design that is easy to manage when coiling for storage. The Pro Co  ...
Monster Cable MIDI Cable

From  $14.95ex VAT$14.95inc VAT
Monster Cable Midi Cable uses Current Mode construction for high-speed MIDI data transfer with fewer errors. This design controls current and voltage transients, which reduces jitter and edge  ...
CBI Standard MIDI Cable

From  $12.95ex VAT$12.95inc VAT
CBI Standard Midi Cables are the Musicians Dream. They are the ultimate in quality, construction,and hand made to last and stand up to the demands of hobbyists and professionals. C.B.I. features  ...
Hosa Cable Standard MIDI Cable

From  $4.95ex VAT$4.95inc VAT
This cable is designed to interconnect MIDI devices. It is wired 5-pin discrete and compatible with all MIDI standards, including SysEx. Hosa Cable Standard MIDI Cable  ...
Hosa Cable STP802 1/4 inch TS to 1/4 inch TRS Insert Snake

From  $23.95ex VAT$23.95inc VAT
The Hosa Cable Snake Insert Cable 1/4 Inch to 1/4 Inch is like getting four individual send-return cables in one easy to manage snake. Perfect for connecting four insert jacks at the console with the ins  ...
Hosa Cable STP201RR Insert Cable Right Angle - 3 Feet

From  $6.95ex VAT$6.95inc VAT
Hosa Insert Cables are great for portable rigs. This cable is conventionally wired (TIP = Send, RING = Return) and may be used as a 'Y' to split stereo signal into Left and Right. In this case, Right = RING and  ...
Hosa Cable DOC106 Audio Direct Out Insert Cable

From  $10.50ex VAT$10.50inc VAT
Beat the system! This slick little cable lets you use your mixer's insert jacks as direct outs - for recording! The cable accomplishes this while leaving the signal path intact for your mixer. Now you can easily  ...
Line 6 L6 Link AES/EBU Digital Audio Cable

From  $59.99ex VAT$59.99inc VAT
The Line 6 L6 Link AES/EBU Digital Audio Cable provides a high quality connection for your Line 6 StageSource speakers and StageScape mixer! These cables will optimize the performance of your  ...
Roland GKC 13 Pin Cable

From  $49.95ex VAT$49.95inc VAT
The Roland GKC 13 pin Digital Cable is used to connect a Roland GK-series pickup to any Roland Guitar Synth. Use this cable to connect your Roland Ready guitar to the Roland VG99 System, Roland  ...
Hosa Cable OPM303 Toslink Fiber Optic Cable

From  $14.95ex VAT$14.95inc VAT
The Hosa OPM300 fiber optic series cables feature metal headshells, metal guides, and heavy-duty outer jacketing. For use with ADATs and other Toslink-equiped recording  ...
Hot Wires PC1817QTR 1/4 to 1/4 Inch Patch Cables

From  $15.95ex VAT$15.95inc VAT
Hot Wires quality patch cables are the vital component to live sound, recording, and electric instruments. No other gear is expected to withstand being stepped on, twisted, pulled, and dragged,  ...
Hot Wires PC1817TRS Balanced Patch Cables

From  $17.95ex VAT$17.95inc VAT
Hot Wires PC1817TRS balanced patch cables are the vital component to live sound, recording, and electric instruments. These patch cables come in 8 packs, different vibrant colors for each cable,  ...
Hosa Cable 1/4 Inch To 1/4 Inch Cable Kit

From  $14.99ex VAT$14.99inc VAT
The Hosa Cable 1/4 Inch To 1/4 Inch Cable Kit is designed specifically for multi-channel, recording-studio patch bays. Hosa patch-bay cables make it simple. Each package contains eight, color-coded cables. These  ...
Hosa Guitar Patch Cable 6 Inch 6 Pack

From  $16.95ex VAT$16.95inc VAT
Efficiently connect your pedal effects with the low profile patch cable by Hosa. Designed with right-angle plugs which allows for close spacing of pedal effects on pedalboards.  ...
Hosa Cable CPE106 Guitar Patch Cable with Right Angle Ends

From  $5.95ex VAT$5.95inc VAT
The Hosa CPE106 patch cable is designed to interconnect electric guitar pedal effects. Right-angle plugs allow close spacing of pedal effects on pedalboards. Hosa CPE106 Guitar Patch Cable  ...
George Ls Build Your Own Effects Cables Kit

From  $79.00ex VAT$79.00inc VAT
The George Ls Build Your Own Effects Cables Kit is a great package for DIY guitarists and audio engineers alike. Package includes 10 brass connector plugs plus 10 feet of George Ls high quality  ...
Hosa Cable YXM121 XLR Female To Dual XLR Male Y Cable

From  $8.95ex VAT$8.95inc VAT
The Hosa YXM121 cable is designed to connect an XLR output to two XLR inputs. It is ideal for assigning the signal from a microphone to two channels on a mixing console. Hosa YXM121 XLR  ...
Hosa PXM 1/4 inch TS Male to XLR Male Adaptor Cable

From  $4.95ex VAT$4.95inc VAT
Connect your studio or live sound gear with this handy 1/4 inch to XLR Adapter Cable, the Hosa PXM 1/4 inch TS Male to XLR Male Adaptor Cable is designed to connect gear with unbalanced phone outputs to gear with  ...
Hosa YPP111 1/4 inch TS to Dual 1/4 inch TS Y Cable 6 inch

From  $5.95ex VAT$5.95inc VAT
Backed by Hosa's Limited Lifetime Warranty, the high quality Hosa YPP111 1/4 inch TS to Dual 1/4 inch TS Y Cable features precision-molded terminations, braided shields, and heavy-duty insulation.  ...
Hosa Headphone Extension Cables

From  $6.95ex VAT$6.95inc VAT
The Hosa Headphone Extension Cable adds extra length of cabling to your headphones. Whether you are in the studio or at home relaxing, the Hosa headphone extension cable gives you room to move  ...
Hosa MHE125 1/8 Inch Headphone Extention Cable

From  $8.95ex VAT$8.95inc VAT
The Hosa Minijack Headphone Extension Cable is beneficial for those who need to get more space between themselves and their CD, MP3 or stereo system. This 25-foot, 1/8 inch male to 1/8 inch  ...
KRK Headphone Extension Cables

From  $12.00ex VAT$12.00inc VAT
The KRK Headphone Extension Cables are constructed from high quality cable and connectors so there is no audio degradation.  Featuring 1/8 inch male, with the capability to screw on an optional 1/4  ...
KRK KNS Headphone Replacement Cable

From  $10.00ex VAT$10.00inc VAT
The KRK KNS Headphone Replacement Cable is designed specifically for the KRK KNS6400 and KNS8400 headphones . Featuring a proprietary locking male connector on one end to plug into the KRK KNS  ...
Native Instruments Traktor DJ Cable

From  $9.00ex VAT$9.00inc VAT
With the Native Instruments Traktor DJ Cable you can pre-listen to the next track before the crowd hears it! Traktor DJ Cable is the top-quality cable for Traktor DJ. Monitor cued tracks when  ...
Black Lion Audio Standard BNC Cable

From  $20.00ex VAT$20.00inc VAT
The high-quality Black Lion Audio Standard BNC Cable is designed for digital studio applications. The 75 ohm BNC standard cable features ABS strain relief boots and heavy duty nickel-plated end  ...
Hosa Cable PWX4 Power Extension Cord

From  $14.95ex VAT$14.95inc VAT
This heavy duty, 14 gauge extension cable is designed to extend a power cord with a NEMA 5-15 plug to line power. It is ideal for use with computer equipment and pro audio gear. Hosa Cable  ...
Furman SS6B Surge Block Power Cable

From  $39.95ex VAT$39.95inc VAT
A six-outlet power strip ideal for live sound, studio, and DJ setups. No need to worry where your power outlets are with the 15-foot cord. A rugged metal housing can withstand years of abuse. A built in surge  ...
Hosa Cable PWC400 3 Wire Grounded Straight Power Cable

From  $4.95ex VAT$4.95inc VAT
The PWC400 series power cable is designed to connect an electrical appliance with a C14 inlet to line power. It is ideal for use with computer equipment and pro audio gear.  ...
Line 6 Relay G50/G90 Wireless System Premium Guitar Cable

From  $39.99ex VAT$39.99inc VAT
The Line 6 Relay G50/G90 Wireless System Premium Guitar Cable is designed for wireless instrument transmitters that feature a TA4 connector such as the Relay G50 and G90 systems. This high quality  ...
Shure WA305 Locking Instrument Bodypack Transmitter Cable

From  $29.95ex VAT$29.95inc VAT
The WA305 cables by Shure is a premium 1/4 inch-to-TA4F guitar cable with locking thread connects the bodypack transmitter to a guitar or bass. The WA305 has a gold-plated Neutrik 1/4 inch phone plug connector.  ...
Shure WA304 Right Angle Instrument Wireless Cable

From  $19.95ex VAT$19.95inc VAT
The Shure WA304 2 foot right angle quarter inch instrument cable is for use with any Shure bodypack. The WA304 cable is the perfect size for your transmitter and has a 4-Pin Mini (TA4F) Connector. With this Shure  ...
American DJ AC3PDMX 3 Pin DMX Cable

From  $6.95ex VAT$6.95inc VAT
The American DJ AC3PDMX10 3 Pin DMX Cable provides reliable, high performance signal transfer for lighting installation, mobile lighting setups and more! American DJ uses high quality components  ...
CBI DMX 3 Pin Digital Lighting Control Cable

From  $24.95ex VAT$24.95inc VAT
The CBI DMX 3 Pin Digital Lighting Control Cable has become the method for not only linking controllers and dimmers, but also for linking more advanced special effects devices such as fog  ...
Hosa DMX106 DMX Adapter Lighting Cable

From  $12.50ex VAT$12.50inc VAT
Hosa DMX106 DMX Adaptor Cable is an easy and inexpensive way to convert your 5-Pin XLR-Male to 3-Pin  ...
Hosa Cable USB Cable

From  $3.95ex VAT$3.95inc VAT
The Hosa USB cable is compatible with USB 2.0 and features USB A to USB B connectors. This cable is perfect for USB audio interfaces and USB MIDI keyboards. It is also fully compatible with many popular hard  ...
Hosa USB210AF High Speed Type A USB Cable

From  $5.95ex VAT$5.95inc VAT
Hooking up your equipment to your computer has never been easier. Use the USB210AF cable which is designed to extend a USB cable with a Type A connector. It is ideal for connecting an audio  ...
Hosa Cable HDMI to HDMI

From  $12.95ex VAT$12.95inc VAT
The Hosa Cable HDMI to HDMI is certified to carry an HD signal up to 1080p and beyond. It is also ideal for 720p/1080i signals that are capable of increased refresh rates (above 60Hz) or Deep  ...
CBI Bulk Speaker Cable

From  $139.95ex VAT$139.95inc VAT
3 EZ Payments of $83.32
CBI Bulk Speaker Cable is their Power Series cable, consisting of heavy, 14 gauge wire, with 42x30 stranding. CBI has now made this great cable available in affordable 250 or 500-foot  ...
Neutrik NL2FC 2 Pole Speakon Connector

From  $5.95ex VAT$5.95inc VAT
Extremely reliable and robust, the Neutrik NL2FC speakon connector is an industry standard. For the optimum power from your amp to your speakers, use the NL2FC speakon connector with confidence for night after  ...
Neutrik NL4FX Connector 4 Pole Speakon

From  $7.95ex VAT$7.95inc VAT
The Neutrik NL4FX is the industry standard for speaker connections because of the extreme reliability and robust cable connections. This is a 4 pole cable connector with chuck type strain relief  ...