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Pig Hog 8mm XLR Microphone Cable

Pig Hog 8mm XLR Microphone Cable


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Pig Hog cables are precisely overbuilt to stand up to the most grueling tour conditions imaginable. They feature extra-thick 8mm wire, performance quality connectors, and tension-resistant stress relief. And with  ...
Hosa HMIC Pro Microphone Cables REAN XLR3F to XLRM

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The Hosa HMIC Pro XLR Microphone Cable is engineered to deliver years of rock-solid reliability. Combining REAN connectors by Neutrik AG with world-class manufacturing techniques, they redefine what performance  ...
Monster Studio Pro 2000 Microphone Cable

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Studio Pro 2000 uses three Time Correct multi-gauge wire networks for extreme accuracy in imaging, depth and soundstage, and it's ultra-quiet and noise-free. Microphone signals are the most sensitive and  ...
Hosa STX Balanced Interconnect XLR3M to 1/4 Inch TRS

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Connect your gear with balanced phone outputs to gear with XLR inputs using the 20 foot Hosa STX120M Balanced Interconnect 1/4' in TRS to XLR3M Cable . It is ideal for use in a variety of pro audio applications.  ...
Hot Wires HiZ Microphone Cables

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When it comes to live sound, recording, and quality, Hot Wires cables are a vital accessory. Hot Wires HiZ microphone cables are flexible, durable, and have an inner and outer PVC shielding for smooth sound  ...
Audio-Technica ATRMCU Microphone Cables XLRF To 1/4" Phono

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ATR-MCU Microphone Cables are engineered to deliver outstanding value and reliable, durable performance. They offer an economical introduction to Audio-Technica cable quality. Audio-Technica ATR-MCU  ...