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Electric Bass Guitars

Rickenbacker 4003 Electric Bass Guitar with Case

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The Rickenbacker 4003 is the Classic Rickenbacker Bass Guitar. The 4003 is famous for its ringing sustain, treble punch and solid underlying bass tones that made Rickenbacker a household name. A  ...
Fender Tony Franklin Fretless Precision Bass with Case

From  $1,699.99ex VAT$1,699.99inc VAT
12 Payments of $141.67
From modern rock to classic jazz, the Fender Tony Franklin Fretless Precision Electric Bass Guitar has you covered! Tony Franklin is a bassist who's name has become synonymous with the fretless  ...
Fender Deluxe Active Precision Bass Special Maple Fingerboard with Gig Bag

From  $699.99ex VAT$699.99inc VAT
8 Payments of $87.50
The Fender Deluxe Active Precision Bass Special with Maple Fingerboard combines the best of both the classic P bass and the sleek Jazz bass! The Deluxe Active P Bass Special features an alder P  ...
Ibanez SR1805 SR Premium 5 String Bass with Gig Bag

From  $1,099.00ex VAT$1,099.00inc VAT
8 Payments of $175.00
Even the most discerning pro bassists will absolutely fall in love with the SR1805! This impeccable bass from the Ibanez SR Premium series is crafted in the Ibanez Premium facility in Indonesia, and shares many of  ...
Fender American Deluxe Jazz V 5 String Bass Maple Neck with Case

From  $1,479.00ex VAT$1,479.00inc VAT
12 Payments of $150.00
FenderAmerican Deluxe V 5 String Jazz Bass with Maple Fingerboard delivers the modern features that bassists demand in a sleek five string design. A newly designed preamp circuit delivers  ...
Fender American Standard Precision Bass V 5 String Rswd wCase

From  $1,129.00ex VAT$1,129.00inc VAT
12 Payments of $120.84
The Fender American Standard Precision V 5 String Electric Bass Guitar with Rosewood Fingerboard is an indestructible workhorse for the bassist who wants the greater range of a five-string. An  ...
Ibanez BTB1406E Premium 6 String Bass Guitar with Gigbag

From  $1,169.00ex VAT$1,169.00inc VAT
8 Payments of $200.00
The Ibanez BTB1406E Premium 6 String Bass Guitar is a visual and sonic masterpiece designed especially for the working pro. Ibanez gives the bass bold design advantages that are usually only found  ...
Ibanez BTB7E 7-String Electric Bass with Case

From  $949.95ex VAT$949.95inc VAT
8 Payments of $162.50
As one of the iconic Ibanez basses, this BTB steps confidently into territory few instruments have gone before. Having already staked its ground in the 'boutique' class with it's sustain enhancing thru-neck  ...
Ibanez SR506 6 String Electric Bass Guitar

From  $549.95ex VAT$549.95inc VAT
8 Payments of $87.50
The Ibanez SR506 is a huge upgrade in this price range, complete with Bartolini MK1 pickups and 3-band EQ, and a fast bubinga and jatoba neck. Since 1987, bassists who want the power and versatility of active  ...
Tobias Toby Bass Guitar Performance Pack

From  $219.95ex VAT$219.95inc VAT
3 Payments of $99.67
Whether you are in your garage or on a stage, the Toby Standard IV is perfectly balanced with a rich sound and great playability. The Toby Standard IV features the classic Tobias-designed  ...
Silvertone Revolver LB11 Electric Bass Guitar Package

From  $189.95ex VAT$189.95inc VAT
The Silvertone Revolver Bass Guitar Package is loaded with everything you need to bang out some serious bottom. Featuring the Revolver Bass, model SSLB11, 4-string bass (34 inch long scale, 20 fret maple neck  ...
Dean EDGE 09 Electric Bass Guitar Package

From  $219.95ex VAT$219.95inc VAT
The Dean Edge 09 Bass package comes with everything an aspiring rock icon needs to break into the music business. While beauty was the inspiration of the Dean Edge, Dean put every bit of their 20 plus  ...
Ibanez SR505 5 String Left Handed Electric Bass Guitar

From  $699.99ex VAT$699.99inc VAT
8 Payments of $87.50
The Ibanez SR505L left-handed model features the same awesome appointments as its right-handed brother, complete with Bartolini MK1 pickups and 3-band EQ, and a fast bubinga and jatoba neck. Since  ...
Hofner HCT5001 Left Handed Violin Bass with Case

From  $879.99ex VAT$879.99inc VAT
3 Payments of $293.33
The best-selling 500/1 Contemporary version of the Hofner Violin Bass Guitar offers those wanting to own one of the World's iconic guitars the chance to do so at a very attractive price. Recreating the style of  ...
Squier Vintage Modified Left Handed Jazz Bass '70s

From  $329.99ex VAT$329.99inc VAT
3 Payments of $110.00
Left handed players rejoice! The Squier's Vintage Modified lefty J-Bass '70s provides that classic 1970s style and tone in an incredible, affordable instrument. Squier gives this lefty Jazz bass dual  ...