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DAddario XL Chromes Flat Wound Electric Bass Guitar Strings

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Product Description

DAddario Chromes Flatwound bass strings define the warm, tight bottom of R&B and Jazz.
Complex combinations of interlocking underwindings on a hex core build a foundation for the delicate outer ribbon winding. Each string is ground and polished to produce an incredibly smooth surface.

D'Addario Bass Guitar Strings
The highest quality alloys, constant core tension during winding, and an exclusive computer controlled winding process are just a few of the reasons why D'Addario bass strings deliver unparalleled consistency, superb tone, and precise intonation set after set.

Available in three gauges.

    Regular Light Gauge Medium Scale
    • Individual Gauges; .045, .065, .080, .100
    Regular Light Gauge Long Scale
    • Individual Gauges; .045, .065, .080, .100
    Medium Gauge Long Scale
    • Individual Gauges; .050, .070, .085, .105

Measuring Bass Scale Length
You cannot always tell the strings you need just by the scale length of your bass. Some basses are strung through the body, and the distances from the bridge to where the ballend locks in or the distance from the nut to the pegs are not standard on all guitars. The best way to figure out the correct strings for sure is to:

    1) Assuming your bass has strings on it, mark the lowest pitched string (while on your bass) at the nut with a marker.
    2) Remove the string.
    3) Measure the distance from the inner edge of the ball end to the mark you just made.
    4 ) Record this length, and refer to the following chart:

    Length String Scale Required
    Up to 32 inches DAddario Short
    32 to 34 inches DAddario Medium
    34 to 36 inches DAddario Long
    36 to 38 inches DAddario Super Long

Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
Phone:  905-889-0116 Warranty:  None
marty mets
Fat and Warm
What is your overall opinion of this product?
I have these on my acoustic bass guitar and a short scale set on my Hofner "Beatle Bass". I love flat wound strings for bass, and these are fat and warm without being dark and muddy.
What is your opinion of the quality of this product? How does it work for different genres of music?
On an acoustic bass guitar, it helps the bass mix into the song and not stand out, much like a double bass would. On the Hofner, it thumps with great bottom end.
How is the feel of the strings?
Smooth flat wound feel. I will never go back to round wound for bass guitar.
How did the strings affect your tone?
Gave me the vintage thump I had been looking for.
Would you recommend this product to another player?
Yes. Unless you're playing hard rock or metal, I think round wound are the best for smooth balanced bass tone.
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