Audio Mastering

Your latest project is written, recorded, and mixed. When you're ready to take the next steps, American Musical Supply makes it easy to create a master, burn a CD, and duplicate your product for distribution. Transform your studio into a complete production house with the best equipment from AMS.

From  $499.99$499.99
8 Payments of $62.50
Coveted for their reliable performance, comprehensive feature set, and audio quality, the next generation TASCAM 202mkVII dual cassette deck is the leading choice for recording studios, houses of worship,  ...

From  $599.99$599.99
12 Payments of $50.00
The professional CD-RW901 MKII features a high quality TEAC tray-loading transport that ensures years of reliable operation in the most demanding installations. The transport also allows gapless recording when  ...

From  $299.00$299.00
8 Payments of $37.38
The professional DN-300CR CD recorder features superb audio performance, input/output flexibility, rack-mount utility and robust construction. Ideal for broadcast, studio and entertainment applications, the  ...

From  $299.99$299.99
8 Payments of $37.50
The easy-to-use SD20M solid state recorder is designed for installations like schools, house of worship and conferences which need an affordable solution for recording. The SD20M features a four-track recorder  ...

From  $899.99$899.99
12 Payments of $75.00
The DA-3000 from TASCAM is perfectly designed for stereo PCM/DSD recordings at high sampling frequencies suitable for archival masters. This magnificent unit is capable of recording analog and digital signals up  ...