Breedlove American Guitars

No clear-cut woods are used in Breedlove's USA model guitars. Every handcrafted Made in Bend instrument is informed by decades of innovation and features sustainably sourced all-solid native and exotic tonewoods, offering both superior sound and dazzling beauty. Myrtlewood, from the Pacific Northwest, for example, delivers unique tone - a mix of maple, mahogany and rosewood - along with an awe-inspiring range of grain pattern, coloration and figure. Sound Optimization® and hand voicing results in light, responsive and remarkably alive guitars, all with legendary Breedlove playability (including fast, slim necks on four revolutionary, ergonomic body shapes) and thin UV finishes and appointments.
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  • Mahogany never looked so good! An AMS exclusive, Breedlove’s new Premier Concert Suede CE Mahogany-Mahogany adds extra visual drama, with a black pore-fill process drawing even more character out of the ...
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  • Handcrafted and Sound Optimized® in Bend, Oregon, from locally sourced native myrtlewood, the Oregon USA Concerto CE is wonderfully comfortable, alive and easy to play. Breedlove’s Concerto Emerald CE ...
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