D'Angelico Guitars

For decades, John D'Angelico studied the woodworking craft, built instruments, and truly mastered the workings of the archtop guitar - all in the heart of New York City. Today, his careful plans and tireless one-of-a-kind builds have been re-introduced through a new generation of builders. D'Angelico has expanded the line to include a variety of electric, acoustic, and bass guitar models - all of which are the result of extensive historic research and MRI scans of those original instruments. The means that players now have the opportunity to own the freshest modern takes on some of D'Angelico's most historically sought-after instruments, as well as new forward-thinking models. The team at D'Angelico promises to build instruments that respect and honor John D'Angelico's legacy of excellence and carry on the tradition of one of the world's finest guitar brands.