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For over one hundred years, Gibson has been synonymous with quality, ingenuity, and innovation - embodying the vibrant lifeblood of the guitar. As the evolution of music progressed throughout the 20th century, groundbreaking musicians forging new paths could always be found with a Gibson in their hands. From their very first acoustics, their groundbreaking ES-series hollow body electrics, iconic Les Pauls and beyond, Gibson offerings are undeniably among the most recognizable instruments on the planet. With a diverse catalog of acoustic and electric guitars, basses, and pro audio, a Gibson will continue to deliver the same quality and performance to you as they have for countless others throughout history.
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The powerful, expressive tone of the Gibson SG Standard 2018 will instantly evoke memories of the most iconic Blues, Hard Rock and Heavy Metal guitarists and their groundbreaking, yet enduring riffs. Driven   ...
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The 2018 Les Paul Custom guitar lives up to the high standard set by the 1950’s archetype while evolving to a new level of tone and performance. Beneath the layers of its tuxedo appointments lies the crisp,   ...
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The 2018 Gibson ES-335 Traditional is not a revolution, it’s an evolution. Built on a pedigree of performance and quality, this guitar takes things a step further. The ABR-1 bridge is enhanced with titanium   ...
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The Hummingbird Studio continues Gibson’s long history of producing world famous square shoulder body designs, such as the Hummingbird, Dove, and Songwriter models. We proudly introduce a slim body, Square   ...
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Producing amazing tones and a fast neck for the ultimate playing experience, the Les Paul VooDoo has a unique look with plenty of sustain and a touch of Black Magic. The Gibson classic has been given a conjure   ...
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Gibson continues to honor the roots of Les Paul, who first pioneered the solid-body electric guitar and multi-track recording. By taking a look at the sound engineer, the producer, the musician, or the fan who   ...
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Protect your Les Paul guitar with the Gibson Les Paul Electric Guitar Case . A hardshell exterior protects a gray, plushly lined interior that cradles the guitar perfectly. This case is specifically molded to the   ...
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