Guitar Pickups

Pickup Buyer's Guide
The pickup has one crucial job: Capturing the sound of the strings vibrating, and transforming it into an electrical signal. Once that's done, the signal can be sent down a wire to an amplifier or sound system, to a recording console or computer interface, or even to your headphones. And there the fun begins!

From  $189.00$189.00
3 Payments of $63.00
Upgrade your existing Tele style guitar with the completely solderless EMG T-System. This pickup system comes with EMG’s original EMG T Set for a tone that is brilliant, responsive, and whisper quiet. EMG  ...

From  $399.95$399.95
8 Payments of $50.00
Get wireless control over a massive range of instruments and sounds with the Fishman TriplePlay Midi Wireless Guitar Controller ! The TriplePlay allows you to compose music with unparalleled tonal options, easily  ...

From  $249.00$249.00
5 Payments of $49.80
In early 2009, James Hetfield contacted EMG Pickups president Rob Turner and presented him with a challenge: to create a “stealth” looking set that captures the clarity and punch of a passive pickup  ...

From  $199.99$199.99
3 Payments of $66.67
The patented Kempa AcoustiFex GO preamp and effects unit provides you with amazing live acoustic sound and stunning onboard studio-quality effects (reverb, chorus and delay) both with and without external  ...

From  $359.95$359.95
8 Payments of $45.00
To sound your best, use the Fishman Prefix Plus T Pickup System for its quality, reliability and performance. The Prefix Plus-T features ultra-quiet electronics and Volume, Bass, Treble and semi-parametric Contour  ...

From  $299.00$299.00
8 Payments of $37.38
After 30 years of effort LR Baggs has done the very thing that every amplified acoustic guitarist has dreamed about and the very thing that no other pickup manufacturer has been capable of—unlocking the  ...