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For generations, rhythm instruments have served as the important foundation of music everywhere! American Musical Supply carries the percussion instruments that are used by people around the world in every culture. We always stock the top-selling congas, bongos, djembes, and cajons - hand drums that will open up and transform your rhythm experience! Go beyond the standard snare drum, tom, bass drum, and cymbal setup - the potential of your drum set goes even further when you add wind chimes, timbale drums, and mounting hardware for percussive sounds such as cowbells and woodblocks. Rhythmic percussion is an absolute must for any type of music and the extra elements of shakers, tambourines, cowbells, and wood blocks will truly bring your live performances and studio recording projects alive!
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Representing a major advancement in the art and science of percussion, the Rhythm Tech Pro Tambourine is destined to become the professional standard for sound, feel, and performance. Rhythm Tech Pro ...
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The perfect choice for beginning players, the CP Congas by LP. Both the 11 and 11-3/4-inch diameter drums are 28 inches in height which makes them the ideal size for players of all ages. The fully adjustable ...
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Latin Percussion is proud to introduce the LP646 City Wood Congas. Each pair of City Congas features 10 inch and 11 inch drums crafted from Siam Oak. Measuring at 28 inches tall, City Series Congas come complete ...
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The 230089F Synergy is a sturdy double stand for standing play. The benefit is getting the drums up off the floor to give their resonance and tone more voice. Holds 8' and 9' heads. CALIFORNIA ...
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A one of a kind instrument, the Toca Freestyle Djembe is mechanically tuned with tough synthetic shells. Hand selected goatskin heads. And solid, authentic tones that you can carry over your shoulder. No matter ...
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The Gon Bops Alex Acuna Special Edition Cajon is Gon Bops’ most popular selling product, bar none! 'This gorgeous instrument is also one of the best-sounding cajons available anywhere. Its deep, resonant ...
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