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For generations, rhythm instruments have served as the important foundation of music everywhere! American Musical Supply carries the percussion instruments that are used by people around the world in every culture. We always stock the top-selling congas, bongos, djembes, and cajons - hand drums that will open up and transform your rhythm experience! Go beyond the standard snare drum, tom, bass drum, and cymbal setup - the potential of your drum set goes even further when you add wind chimes, timbale drums, and mounting hardware for percussive sounds such as cowbells and woodblocks. Rhythmic percussion is an absolute must for any type of music and the extra elements of shakers, tambourines, cowbells, and wood blocks will truly bring your live performances and studio recording projects alive!
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The BG-5300 Remo pre-tuned bongos are pitched to emulated the sounds of the traditional tack head bongo drums from Cuba in the early 1900's. Remo Pre-Tuned Bongos Features Fiberskyn 3 drumheads ...
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The Remo Pretuned Tambourine is a quality instrument used by both professionals and drum enthusiasts alike. These models feature Remo's world-famous, patented Fiberskyn 3 drumhead film that is durable, ...
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Inspired by the indigenous cultures of the Americas, the Remo Standard Buffalo Drum is equipped with a rope handle and a single mallet. The Remo Standard Buffalo Drum is manufactured with Remo’s Fiberskyn ...
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