Passive/ Unpowered Studio Monitors

Studio Monitor Buyer's Guide
Offering a more modular approach, passive monitors are unpowered, allowing you to choose your own combination of power amp and loudspeakers to achieve accurate, reliable sound in your own studio.
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  • Avantone CLA10 Passive Studio Monitors Pair

      Chris Lord Alge passive studio monitors!
    Mix with the studio monitors that truly define 'the sound of hits'. Designed in conjunction with the expertise of mixer Chris Lord Alge, the CLA10 studio monitors are the faithful modern reproduction of the most ...
    $564.95 - $699.00
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  • Behringer 1C Compact Passive Studio Monitors; Small and Accurate! Behringer's passive, 2-way, monitor speakers offer accurate sound reproduction combined with a great design to suit your fixed installations, ...
    Rating   5.0 out of 5 stars. 4 ratings.
    $89.00      $89.00
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