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The snare drum may be the most important-and the most personal-drum in your kit. Since the dawn of time, musicians, sound engineers, record producers, and even drummers have debated the ideal snare drum sound. Ask any two and you'll get three opinions. From sharp and snappy to deep and dirty, everyone has their favorite. At American Musical Supply, we don't play favorites. Instead, we offer a huge selection of snare drums to satisfy the most discerning individual-you. Choose the ideal depth, the right wood, or the perfect alloy to make your voice heard.
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Dent and Scratch

The 6.5 x 14” G-Walnut model features a 10-ply, 9mm thick Walnut shell. A newer and distinctive voice in modern drum making, Walnut produces a rich and low fundamental pitch that lies between the warm balance ...
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Minor Blemish Product

The Limited Edition 14” x 7” G-Maple snare drum with Zebrawood outer ply is built on the foundation of a thicker 11mm, 13ply Maple shell, generating a bright sound with increased volume and sensitivity. ...