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Synth Buyer's Guide
Most commonly heard in pop, hip-hop, and EDM, the synthesizer (synth) can bring sizzling lead melody lines, commanding bass, sparkling chords, lush pads, and driving rhythmic pulses to all sorts of different musical genres. With one of these, you aren't just pressing a key and settling for a stock sound - the beauty of a synthesizer is that you can control and make changes to absolutely every sonic parameter from start to finish. Knobs, faders, and switches allow you to initialize signals, combine or deconstruct them, and alter the fundamental building blocks to your heart's content! Some of the most innovative musical sounds in the past fifty years were born out of synths. You don't have to be a keyboard player to use one - join the guitarists, bassists, vocalists, drummers, DJs, and producers that are augmenting their music-making palettes by adding a keyboard synth, modular synth, or rackmount synth from American Musical Supply to your very own setup.