TK Audio

TK Audio specializes in professional rackmount and module audio hardware for both live performance sound setups and recording studios. Their compressors, EQs, multi-function mastering and processing units, and transceivers with insert, DI, and re-amping capabilities are ready to help you create your best sounding music. TK Audio was founded in 2008 by Thomas 'TK' Kristiansson and is located in Halmstad, Sweden, where they design the circuit boards, panels and chassis, handle the final assembling and soldering, and perform the final production tests. Their philosophy is centered around quality products, a passion for music production, and sustainability. Take your projects to another level with powerful gear from TK Audio!
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  • The TK Audio MS Station - the pinnacle of mid-side processing for mastering and more. Compact yet powerful, this single rack unit is packed with features designed to meet the needs of today's producer and engineer. ...
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