Wireless Microphone Systems

When you're performing, a wireless microphone system truly changes everything! You'll experience a newfound sense of freedom and flexibility that will open up a world of possibilities on stage. Wireless handheld mics are self-contained units with the transmitter built right in - you can enjoy the familiar feel of popular wired mics (the Shure SM58, Shure Beta 58 and Sennheiser e835 are just a few that come to mind) with all of the benefits that wireless has to offer. Wireless lavalier and headset-worn microphones include convenient bodypack transmitters that are easy to position to your liking. The receivers have a compact footprint, are easy to use, and connect directly to PA systems and live sound mixers. Whether you're rolling solo or need to outfit an entire group, AMS has your situation covered with powerful UHF and VHF models as well as flexible, license-free digital systems in the 2.4GHz range.