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    • Ebtech HUM X Hum Eliminator
      The Ebtech HUM X Hum Eliminator outs unwanted voltage and current in the ground line that cause ground loop hum while simultaneously maintaining a solid, safe ground. You no longer have to run your audio signal ...
      Rating   redstarredstarredstarredstar
      Price: $158.00
      Save: $79.00 (50%)
      $66.95 - $79.00
      From  $66.95      $66.95
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    • Ebtech HE2XLR Hum Eliminator
      The Ebtech Hum Eliminator XLR breaks the ground loops that cause AC hum, quickly and easily. Just plug the HE-2 XLR in between the offending pieces of equipment and you’re done. No signal degradation, no noise ...
      Rating   redstarredstarredstarredstarredstar
      Price: $186.93
      Save: $93.93 (50%)
      $93.00      $93.00
      3 Payments of $31.00
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