Moog Subharmonicon Desktop Analog Synthesizer

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Product Description

The Subharmonicon is a Semi-Modular Polyrhythmic Analog Synthesizer and the newest addition to Moog’s semi-modular family. With 2x VCOs, 4x Subharmonic Generators, 2x sequencers, & 4x Rhythm Generators, it creates a rich harmonic kaleidoscope that divides into itself until everything that is up becomes down.

Since its original introduction in 2018 as an ultra limited edition build-it-yourself kit (only 120 pieces worldwide!), the Subharmonicon has been one of the most requested public releases from the Moog Synthesizer community.

Today, Moog is proud to share with our partners that the Subharmonicon has been redesigned for an unlimited global release.

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Phone:  800-948-1990 Warranty:  1 Year

Product Specifications

Moog Subharmonicon Desktop Analog Synthesizer Specifications
  • Analog Sound Engine:
    • SOURCES: VCO 1, SUB 1, SUB 2 / VCO 2, SUB 1, SUB 2
    • FILTER: Self-Oscillating Ladder Filter, Low-Pass, 4-Pole (-24 dB/Octave)
    • ENVELOPES: VCA EG (Attack, Decay); VCF EG (Attack, Decay)
  • Analog Sequencers (x2):
    • STEPS: 4 Steps per Sequencer, selectable Quantization
    • CLOCK: Driven by any and all of the Rhythm Generators
  • Rhythm Generators (x4):
    • RHYTHM: Derived by dividing the Tempo by an integer value (1-16)
    • CLOCK: 20 BPM to 3,000 BPM (Beats Per Minute; 1 Pulse Per Quarter-note), MIDI Clock, EXT CLOCK
  • Patchbay:
    • JACKS: 32 x 3.5mm
    • INPUTS: 17 Input Jacks
    • OUTPUTS: 15 Output Jacks
  • Rear Panel:
    • AUDIO: 1/4” TRS Headphone or 1/4” TS Instrument
    • POWER: Power Supply connection
    • SECURITY: Kensington Lock slot
  • Weights And Dimensions:
  • Product:
    • Imperial (in.): 4.2h x 12.57w x 5.24d
    • Metric (cm): 10.67h x 31.93w x 13.31d
    • Weight: 3.5 lbs.
  • Shipping:
    • Imperial (in.): 8h x 15w x 9d
    • Metric (cm): 20.32h x 38.1w x 22.86d
    • Weight: 6 lbs.
  • Power Supply (Included):
    • STYLE: Wall adapter; barrel connection; center-pin positive
    • INPUT: 100 – 240VAC; 50 Hz – 60 Hz
    • OUTPUT: +12VDC; 1200mA
  • Power Consumption:
    • TYPICAL: 4.8 Watts
  • Eurorack Specs:
    • CURRENT DRAW: 360mA (maximum) from +12VDC (10-pin header)
    • MOUNTING DIMS: 60HP (1” / 26mm Module Depth
  • Accessories:
    • 2-tier vertical rack kit: rm-kit-0221
    • 3-tier vertical rack kit: rm-kit-0331
    • gig bag: res-gb-010
    • 6” 3.5 mm cable pack (qty 5): res-cable-set-2
    • 12” 3.5 mm cable pack (qty 5): res-cable-set-3
    • empty 60hp case: rm-kit-0401
    • empty 104hp case: rm-kit-0501
    • backup power supply: trn-01-000-0023

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