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    Zoom G5n Multi Effects Guitar Processor
    Price: $374.99
    Save: $105.04 (28%)
    From  $269.95      $269.95
    Non-Factory Sealed

    Zoom designed the G5n pedal with the finest collection of guitar effects ever offered in one innovative package. From 'FunkSauce' to 'Texas Toast,' from 'Carlos' to 'Heavensent,' the G5n delivers dozens of ...
    Rating   redstarredstarredstarredstarredstar
    Walrus Audio Janus Tremolo Fuzz
    From  $259.95      $259.95
    Non-Factory Sealed

    The Janus is a true bypass, dual joystick controlled Tremolo/Fuzz pedal that allows you to create a landscape of distorted textures. Both the Tremolo and the Fuzz can be isolated and used alone, but can also be ...
    Walrus Audio Bellweather Analog Delay
    Price: $349.00
    Save: $59.05 (17%)
    From  $289.95      $289.95
    Non-Factory Sealed

    The Bellwether is a bucket brigade delay pedal with tap tempo. Offering analog circuity and up to 1000ms of lush delays, the Bellwether ushers in a rich soundscape of long and short trails. It can achieve the warm ...
    Rocktron Reaction HUSH Noise Reduction Pedal
    Price: $149.00
    Save: $59.05 (40%)
    From  $89.95      $89.95
    Non-Factory Sealed

    It’s Rocktron’s acclaimed noise reduction for guitarists, now in a compact package that takes up less space on your pedal board. Got hiss? Get HUSH! Rocktron Reaction HUSH Noise ...
    Fender 68 Custom Vibrolux Reverb Tube Amp 2x10
    From  $1,079.00      $1,079.00
    Non-Factory Sealed

    The ’68 Custom Vibrolux Reverb Amp pays tribute to the classic look, sound and performance of Fender’s late-’60s silver-face amps. In a special twist, both channels boast reverb and tremolo, and ...
    Rating   redstarredstarredstarredstarredstar
    Fender '65 Twin Custom 15 Guitar Combo Amplifier
    Price: $1,549.99
    Save: $300.99 (19%)
    From  $1,249.00      $1,249.00
    Non-Factory Sealed

    The Fender '65 Twin Custom 15 Guitar Combo Amplifier is the bigger, badder, beefier brother of the classic '65 Twin Reverb.  This all-tube Fender combo amp pairs an 85-watt '65 Twin Reverb chassis ...
    Rating   redstarredstarredstarredstarredstar
    EVH 5150III LBX Lunchbox Tube Head 15W
    Price: $965.50
    Save: $335.55 (35%)
    From  $629.95      $629.95
    Non-Factory Sealed

    A mighty sonic force to be reckoned with, the EVH 5150 III 15 watt LBX is an easy-to-carry “lunchbox” guitar amp head–but don’t let its diminutive size fool you; its packed to the gills ...
    Rating   redstarredstarredstarredstarredstar
    Epiphone FT 350SCE A/E WR MinETune
    Price: $999.00
    Save: $549.05 (55%)
    From  $449.95      $449.95
    Non-Factory Sealed

    Epiphone introduces the FT-350SCE Acoustic Electric, the world’s first affordable self-tuning acoustic electric guitar and featuring the fast, easy, and dependable Min-ETune system that gets you in tune ...
    Rating   redstarredstarredstarredstarredstar
    Bugera V55HDINFINIUM 55W Vintage 2Ch Tube Amp Hea
    Price: $599.99
    Save: $240.04 (40%)
    From  $359.95      $359.95
    Non-Factory Sealed

    Building on the original and inspired V55 amp design, the impressively full-featured and hand-built, 55-Watt, 2-Channel VINTAGE V55 INFINIUM tube combo amplifier not only exudes vintage sound and style, but ...
    Rating   redstarredstarredstarredstarredstar
    Boss SY300 Guitar Synthesizer Pedal
    Price: $979.00
    Save: $349.05 (36%)
    From  $629.95      $629.95
    Non-Factory Sealed

    Grab your favorite axe and dive into an extraordinary world of sound creation with the SY-300 Guitar Synthesizer. The SY-300 can be used with all your guitars right away, with no special pickup required—just ...
    Rating   redstarredstarredstarredstarredstar
    Schecter C7 Hellraiser FRS BCH
    Price: $1,649.00
    Save: $829.05 (50%)
    From  $819.95      $819.95
    Dent and Scratch

    Check out this Schecter Hellraiser C-7 FR Sustainiac from the innovative folks at Schecter. This puppy will melt your face off and look good doing it with its beautiful finish and mind-blowing ...
    Rating   redstarredstarredstarredstarredstar
    Schecter C1 Platinum Electric Sat Blk
    Price: $999.00
    Save: $499.05 (50%)
    From  $499.95      $499.95
    Dent and Scratch

    The folks at Schecter have made a living introducing innovative instruments for professional and amateur musicians alike, and the Schecter C-1 Platinum is no exception. The satin chrome hardware combines with the ...
    PRS 4X12 Speaker Cab 240 Watts Plum
    Price: $1,169.00
    Save: $299.05 (26%)
    From  $869.95      $869.95
    Dent and Scratch

    A very limited edition PRS 4x12 cab in unique purple tolex covering and Caine grille cloth! Made of Baltic Pine and featuring a traditional center post baffle board brace to control resonance, this cab delivers ...
    Rating   redstarredstarredstarredstarredstar
    J Rockett Audio Designs Animal Guitar Pedal
    Price: $269.00
    Save: $129.05 (48%)
    From  $139.95      $139.95
    Dent and Scratch

    The Animal is Rockett Pedals way of creating a 1968 'Plexi' Sound. The Animal is an extremely open and amp-like sound that can get you from a stock 'Plexi' to a modified 'Plexi' with the flick of the snarl switch. ...
    Ibanez Prestige RG652 Fixed Brdg El Gtr WC Koa Br
    Price: $1,599.99
    Save: $680.04 (43%)
    From  $919.95      $919.95
    Dent and Scratch

    The RG652KFX features a Basswood body with a visually stunning Australian Blackwood top. A highlight of the RG652KFX is the incredibly fast, Super Wizard High-Performance neck— constructed of five solid ...
    Rating   redstarredstarredstarredstarredstar
    Gretsch G6119 1962HT Chet Atkins Tennessee Rose with Case
    Price: $3,299.00
    Save: $1,360.00 (41%)
    From  $1,939.00      $1,939.00
    Dent and Scratch

    Still reverberating throughout Shea Stadium, one of the most recognizable '60s pop icons returns! With its vintage HiLo'Tron pickups, rocking bar bridge, Gretsch by Bigsby B6C vibrato ...
    Rating   redstarredstarredstarredstarredstar
    Gibson LE 1958 LP RI Chambered 10th Anniv W/C
    Price: $6,645.00
    Save: $3,346.00 (50%)
    From  $3,299.00      $3,299.00
    Dent and Scratch

    A beautifully crafted ’58 Les Paul reissue with a chambered Mahogany back for a lighter feel with vintage tone and vibe! This limited-edition model celebrates the 10th anniversary of chambered ’58 ...
    Gibson 2015 ES 339 Studio Wine Red W/C
    Price: $2,586.00
    Save: $1,287.00 (50%)
    From  $1,299.00      $1,299.00
    Dent and Scratch

    Classic semi-hollowbody sound with a comfortable body size all at a great price! The smaller-bodied ES-339 Studio takes on stripped-down studio styling, with ’57 Classic and Super ’57 Classic ...
    Gibson LE Firebird Non Reverse Ebony W/C
    Price: $3,165.00
    Save: $1,816.00 (57%)
    From  $1,349.00      $1,349.00
    Dent and Scratch

    A revolutionary guitar born in revolutionary times, and reincarnated for today. The revolutionary days of the 1960s were the perfect backdrop for the Firebird Non-Reverse’s revolutionary style and tonal ...
    Rating   redstarredstarredstarredstarredstar
    Fender Modern Player Coronado Candy Apple Red
    Price: $699.99
    Save: $170.04 (24%)
    From  $529.95      $529.95
    Dent and Scratch

    Stunning looks, tone and features, the Coronado guitar is back. Featuring a better greater sound, build and beauty than ever for the guitarist who appreciates a Fender guitar with a special ...
    Rating   redstarredstarredstarredstarredstar