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Positioned in the heart of the Rocky Mountains in Bozeman, Montana, you'll find our master luthiers continuing the rich tradition of Gibson Acoustic. New offerings include guitars for the discerning vintage player and collector looking for an acoustic instrument that is intertwined with some of the greatest movements in music history, to guitars for the modern player looking to unleash the ultimate guitar player inside them. All the while remaining true to the superior tone and hallowed tradition at the core of every Gibson Acoustic guitar.
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Hand-crafted in Gibson’s acoustic facility in Bozeman, Montana, Eric Church’s groundbreaking new acoustic, Hummingbird Dark, is a result of Church’s personal artistic vision with its translucent   ...
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Based on the J-45, 'The Workhorse', which was first introduced in 1942. World renowned for its full, balanced expression, warm bass and excellent projection, the J-45 Studio has been refined to carry this legacy   ...
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Upon its release in 1937, the Gibson Super Jumbo acoustic guitar stepped onto the scene and introduced a character and force of sound that had yet to be heard at the time. Originally made in very small batches and   ...
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Originally developed in the 1930’s, the Gibson L-00 took the guitar world by storm - a straightforward and reliable flattop acoustic guitar that faithfully served generations of musicians for decades. The   ...